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National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Public Internet Access (2009)

Date: 2 July 2009
Date To: 30 June 2013
Sub Category:COAG Agreement
Subject Matter:Health and Community Services
Summary Information:
The National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Public Internet Access ('the Agreement') aims to improve public access to Internet facilities and provide computer training to service targeted remote Indigenous communities with the aim to reduce Indigenous disadvantage set out in the National Indigenous Reform Agreement. The provision of Internet services, improvement of basic skills in Internet use, particularly in the areas of financial management, education, health, communication, and economic, employment and business opportunities is the focus.
Detailed Information:
Objectives, outcomes and outputs

The objectives of the Agreement aim to; enhance social inclusion and community well-being in remote Indigenous communities by improving links between people, information and technology; to improve access for Indigenous Australians in remote Indigenous communities to basic information and communication services required for participation in contemporary Australian economic, political and social life; reduce barriers to the use of information and communication technology in remote Indigenous communities; and provide better understanding of the benefits of effective use of the internet and associated hardware and software in remote Indigenous communities. (Clause 12)

The Agreement will contribute to the following specific outcomes:
a. Increased public access
b. Increased awareness
c. Increased computer literacy
d. Increased information literacy
e. Increased Internet use that facilitates transactions and communication with government agencies, businesses, communities and families. (Clause 13)

These objectives and outcomes will be achieved by:
Output 1: providing new or expanded public internet access to remote communities
Output 2: maintenance of public Internet facilities installed under Output 1 to ensure they are functional for the life of the Agreement.
Output 3: delivery of training sessions

Roles and Responsibilities

The specific and shared roles and responsibilities for each Party are set out in Clauses 17-29. The Commonwealth's specific roles include funding, holding intergovernmental consultations on implementation, and assessing the eligibility of remote communities nominated. The States and the Northern Territory nominate communities, administer funding, services and provide administration and staff support for implementation.

All of the Parties have shared responsibility to conduct evaluations and reviews of services 'from time to time as deemed necessary' (Clause 20(d)).

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