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National Partnership Agreement on an Indigenous Clearinghouse

Date: March 2010
Date To: September 2014
Sub Category:COAG Agreement
Subject Matter:Health and Community Services
Summary Information:
The National Partnership Agreement on an Indigenous Clearinghouse ('the Agreement') aims to facilitate the creation of a cumulative body of evidence to inform and improve policy and service delivery aimed at closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.
Detailed Information:
The Parties commit to establishing a national Indigenous Clearinghouse - or knowledge management service - for reliable evidence on best practice and success factors in Indigenous health. The focus of this Clearinghouse is on building an evidence base to contribute to achieving the Closing the Gap targets set out in the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA) and broader Council of Australian Governments (COAG) reform agenda.

Objectives, outcomes and outputs

The objectives of the Agreement are; to build a cumulative evidence base for what works; improve access by policy makers, service providers, and the general public to evidence on best practice and success factors; employ rigorous assessment of the quality of evidence for policies and interventions; provide better coordination of research and evaluation efforts across Australia; and identify the gaps in the available evidence on what works to close the gap in Indigenous health outcomes.

The outcomes of the Agreement will include an increased body of quality assessed evidence of what works; improved access to research and evaluations to inform policy and service delivery; improved communication to program practitioners and policy-makers of the evidence for what works; improved coordination of efforts; and improved understanding of the gaps in the available evidence.

The outputs will include the collection of key evidenced based material relevant to COAG targets and reform agenda; assessment and labelling of the quality of approximately 300 items of research or evaluation per year, according to standards to be developed; access to evidence based materials via a website, links to other websites and a helpdesk service;

The objectives, outcomes and outputs will be achieved through a Contract between the Commonwealth and the Clearinghouse Service Provider: the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.

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