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Respondents to Anderson on behalf of the Wulli Wulli People v State of Queensland (No 3)

Category: People
Sub Category:Respondent
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Summary Information:

The full names of the Native Title Determination Respondents (Anderson on behalf of Wulli Wulli People) are as follows:

State of Queensland, Banana Shire Council, North Burnett Regional Council, Ergon Energy Corporation Ltd, Telstra Corporation Ltd (ACN 33 051 775), Anglo Coal (Dawson South) Pty Ltd (formerly known as Theodore Coal Assets Pty Ltd), QCoal Pty Ltd, Santos Qnt Pty Ltd (ABN 33 083 077), Anglo Coal (Theodore South)Pty Ltd (formerly known as Anglo Coal (Dawson) Pty Ltd),Camboon Race and Recreational Club Inc, Cecily Helen Bradshaw, Dale Robert Bradshaw, Sandra Lee Clarke, Thomas John Clarke, Janelle Elizabeth Conolly, John Stephen Cruickshank, Penelope Jane Floods, Lurine Anne Graving, Gyranda Nominees Pty Ltd, Judith Ann Hamilton, Philip Victor Hamilton, Cheryl Mary Lamb, Stephen John Lamb, Arthur Andrew McIntyre, Cameron Andrew Reid McIntyre, Malcolm Thomas McIntyre, Gordon ross Muirhead, Marjorie Mason, David Allan White, Lois Ann White, Errol Joseph Conachan, Thomas Charles McMahon, Gary Thomas Palmer and Douglas Keith Palmer.

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