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Rawlinna Proprietors (Childara Pty Ltd & Commonwealth Hill Pty Ltd & Vanesk Pty Ltd)

Category: Organisation
Date: 12 June 1951
Sub Category:Proprietary Company

Rawlinna Station in Nullabor

State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Agriculture | Land Management | Land Use
Summary Information:

ABN: 95 007 538 025; ACN: 007 538 025

This ABN is historically registered under 3 companies names:

  • Vanesk Pty Ltd,
  • Commonwealth Hill Pty Ltd, and
  • Childara Pty Ltd.

Currently, the company is referred to as: Rawlinna Proprietors. They are located at the Rawlinna Station in Nullabor, WA and are involved with the animal production industry, specifically sheep. It comprises 10,117 square kilometers and makes it the largest sheep station in Australia.

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