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Respondents in Clancy on behalf of the Auburn Hawkwood People v State of Queensland

Category: People
Date: 25 November 2019
Sub Category:Respondent
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Subject Matter:Land Use | Native Title | Water
Summary Information:

The following people are respondents in the Native Title determination Clancy on behalf of the Auburn Hawkwood People and State of Queensland [2019] FCA 1908. The application for the determination was filed in September 2011 and registered in November 2019.


  • Michael Vincent Baker
  • Thomas James Bancroft
  • Duncan William Brown
  • Glenys Pauline Brown
  • Mark Richmond Brown
  • Phillip Richmond Brown
  • Hugh Norman Mackley Campbell
  • Lindsay Gordon Grono
  • Geoffrey Thomas Hartwig
  • Margaret Olive Harzer
  • Bruce Raymond Hutchinson
  • Vivien Clare Hutchinson
  • Darcy Frederick Knudsen
  • John David Dindenmayer
  • Lorraine Fahey Lindenmayer
  • Alexandra Winter O'Neill
  • James Anthony O'Neill
  • Rick Ernest Payne
  • Judith Elizabeth Ann Plant
  • Robert John Plant
  • Robert Leslie Richard Plant
  • Raymond Spencer Poulsen
  • Lyle George Purnell
  • Colin Andrew Seiler
  • Joan May Seiler
  • Lynnelle Evelyn Seiler
  • Peter Alfred Seiler
  • Peter Noel Thompson
  • Sharon Maree Thompson
  • Glenville Roland Tucker
  • James Barry Tucker
  • Leonard Edwin Tucker
  • Peter Leonard Tucker
  • Noeleen Kay Vanderhave
  • Ross John Vanderhave
  • Lindsay Keith Walters
  • Jeanette Anne Young
  • William Henry Young
Detailed Information:

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