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Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Incorporated Association
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Summary Information:
The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporation (VAEAI) was established in 1976 as the Victorian Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (VAECG). In 1985 the organisation became an incorporated body and was formally registered as the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated.

VAEAI aims to promote access and equity for Koories through the development of education programs that are culturally relevant, reinforcing Koorie identity and providing supportive learning environments. It also aims to provide to the wider community an awareness of Koorie cultures and educational aspirations.

VAEAI is a statewide Koorie community organisation consisting of eight regions. These regions are divided on the basis of family ties and a number of Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECGs) comprise each region. VAEAI represents LAECGs from all Koorie communities on policy advice issues at the local, state and national levels.

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