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Badger Island Indigenous Protected Area

Category: Place
Date: 1 September 2000
Sub Category:Indigenous Protected Area
Place:Furneaux Island group north of Tasmania in the Bas
State/Country:Tasmania, Australia
Subject Matter:Environmental Heritage
Summary Information:
Badger Island was declared an Indigenous Protected Area in September 2000. The area covering 971 hectares has spectacular scenery and is an area of high cultural and historical value for the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. The natural environment has been altered extensively through European use of the natural resources including mutton birds, seals and pastures for grazing livestock. Badger Island is Aboriginal owned land and is managed by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.
Detailed Information:
The management projects at Badger Island are centred on weed eradication, revegetation, feral animal control and the development of jetty or landing facilities. A small nursery is envisaged for the purpose of allowing propagation of local plants species for revegetation projects.

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  • References

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