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Yalata Indigenous Protected Area

Category: Place
Date: 1 October 1999
Sub Category:Indigenous Protected Area
Place:Great Australian Bight
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Environmental Heritage | Land Management
Summary Information:
Yalata Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) was declared in October 1999. The IPA covers an area of 456,300 hectares and is managed by Yalata Community Inc. The area is of great cultural importance with dreaming tracks which cross the continent of Australia converging in this area.
Detailed Information:
The IPA, on the edge of the Nullabor Plain, is an important ecological zone that is inhabited by many native birds, mammals and reptiles. Yalata is also a prime cliff based location for watching whales migrate to mate and calve in the waters of the Great Australian Bight. The 2002 brochure states: 'Yalata is adjacent to the Nullabor National Park and Conservation Reserve, the Yellabinna Conservation Reserve and the Great Australian Bight Marine Park. Together with Yalata as an IPA, these protected areas form one of the world's largest contiguous areas of land and sea managed for biodiversity conservation'.

Prior to being declared an Indigenous Protected Area, access to the Yalata lands was unrestricted which resulted in a number of fragile coastal eco-systems being seriously damaged due to poor management. In 2000, the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) approved a contribution as a part of a multi-agency response to the need for land management across the protected area. A Land Management work team successfully undertook a range of specific on-ground works to address priority issues. These included restricting vehicular access to areas, establishing camping sites, revegetation and rehabilitation of damaged areas, weed and animal control programs, monitoring fishing activities and protecting sites of natural and cultural significance.
The ILC extended its initial commitment by jointly supporting an Indigenous Land Management Supervisor in partnership with the Great Australian Bight Marine Authority. A training program has also been developed with the aim of having the Yalata IPA managed independently by the Indigenous owners.
Long-term projects include the protection of native vegetation, management of public access, building understanding and respect of Indigenous culture and providing public information and interpretation services.

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