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First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation

Category: Organisation
Date: 23 July 2015
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation | Registered Aboriginal Party (Vic)


State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Legal Status:

FPMMAC attained RAP status on 5 December 2018.

Legal Reference: ICN (Indigenous Corporation number): 8264
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Native Title
Summary Information:

The First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (FPMMAC) represents the First People of the Millewa-Mallee.

The FPMMAC was incorporated as an Aboriginal Corporation under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth) on 23 July 2015. 

The key objectives of the FPMMAC are to:

  • develop employment & economic opportunity on-country
  • develop and support cultural activities
  • expand traditional languages; and
  • expand their Aboriginal community
Detailed Information:

Native Title 

The FPMMAC are in the process of seeking native title determination and this application was filed on 8 October 2015. See a map of the claim area below under documents. 

Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) status in Victoria

The FPMMAC was appointed by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council as a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) on 5 December 2018 under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. 

Area of responsibility

In its role as a RAP, the FPMMAC are responsible for areas in the north west of Victoria that runs south of the Murray River to the Mallee Highway, and west from the Calder Highway to the South Australian Border, including the Murray-Sunset National Park. See a map of the area below under documents. 

The first RAP application from FPMMAC was declined on 6 December 2017. However, on 5 December 2018, the application was approved on the basis that FPMMAC represents the Traditional Owners of the decision area. See the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council's website for a detailed decision history. 

Activities as a RAP

The FPMMAC are working closely with Parks Victoria in Ponnun Pulgi. Ponnun Pulgi is a project that supports traditional owners to restore the landscape that protects their ancestors' resting place. In 2021, the FPMMAC undertook work on 11 Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP's). As part of this work, the FPMMAC have undertaken cultural heritage advice, and other site surveys and investigations in the hope to pursue World Heritage nomination status. 

FPPMAC are also widely involved in funding social support programs for their community members with a focus on the needs of young people. 

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  • Documents

    Aboriginal Heritage Council Map of FPMMAC RAP as at 09/03/2022 - ( PDF)
    Extract from the National Native Title Register for VC2015/001 as at 16 March 2022 (First Peoples of the Millewa-Mallee Claim). - ( PDF | PDF | PDF)


    Aboriginal Corporation (Australia) | Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC) (Native Title Act) (Australia)

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