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Memorandum of Understanding between Tangentyere Council and Alice Springs Town Council

Date: 3 November 2000
Sub Category:Memorandum of Understanding
Place:Alice Springs
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter: | Employment and Training | Health and Community Services | Local Government
Summary Information:
The Memorandum of Understanding entered into between Tangentyere Council and the Alice Springs Town Council has as its central purpose the achievement of common aims and objectives in the provision of services to the residents of Alice Springs, whether they are Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal.

A Steering Committee meets on a regular basis to ensure that the Memorandum is kept alive. The Steering Committee consists of the Mayor and CEO of the Town Council plus one Alderman nominated by the Council, and the President and the Executive Director of Tangentyere Council. Other staff members from each organisation may attend to provide specialist advice, if required.
Detailed Information:
The following areas of responsibility are covered by the Agreement:

  • Upgrading and maintenance of the Housing Association internal road;
  • Domestic waste management;
  • Public and environmental health services;
  • Development of parks, playgrounds and other open spaces;
  • Animal management;
  • Youth development;
  • Employment and training;
  • Night Patrol and Wardens Programs;
  • Substance abuse;
  • Community transport;
  • Litter control;
  • Storm water drainage and flood mitigation;
  • Street lighting;
  • Library services;
  • Council contracted services;
  • Participation in Council's Governance structures; and
  • Political representation and election issues.

    A shortened form of the Memorandum of Understanding states that both parties to the Agreement:

  • Recognise the advantages and acknowledge the importance and benefit of entering into joint and co-operative initiatives that are beneficial to all members of the Alice Springs community;
  • Understand the opportunity available to both parties to foster reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people by successfully realising the principles of this Memorandum.

    The Agreement also states that:

  • Both parties agree to work together to ensure the equitable provision of local government services to all members of the community; and to ensure that responsibility for the delivery of local government services is shared between them fairly and in accordance with the capacity of each;

  • Both parties agree to work together so as to initiate opportunity for those members of the community who are disadvantaged and to work together to address and ameliorate that disadvantage; in particular in relation to the disadvantage experienced by members of Tangentyere Council Inc who reside in town camps.

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    Memorandum of Understanding

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