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Heads of Agreement between the Kariyarra People and the Town of Port Hedland

Date: 1 October 2002
Sub Category:Framework Agreement | Indigenous Partnership
Place:Port Hedland, north-west Western Australia
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Legal Reference: National Native Title Tribunal Claim Application N
Alternative Names:
  • Native Title Process Agreement between the Kariyarra People and the Town of Port Headland
  • Subject Matter: | Native Title | Local Government | Land Use
    Summary Information:
    The Kariyarra People and the Town of Port Hedland signed a Heads of Agreement on the 26th September 2002. The Agreement formalised the commencement of a partnership based on mutual trust and respect, the aim being to establish a basis and process for negotiating an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) or other native title agreements between the parties.
    Detailed Information:
    The Kariyarra People have a native title claim over an area of 17,052 sq km in the Pilbara that includes the town of Port Hedland. This claim was lodged, with the help of the Pilbara Native Title Service, in March 1998 and the Town of Port Hedland was joined as a party to that claim in May 1998. The claim is presently being mediated with the assistance of the National Native Title Tribunal. Both parties to the claim have entered into mediation in a spirit of goodwill and a willingness to commit to a partnership.

    In particular the Heads of Agreement includes:

  • Agreement by the parties that the Kariyarra People are the traditional owners of the land and waters identified in their application for native title;
  • An acknowledgement that the Agreement arises from and forms part of the mediation provisions of the Native Title Act;
  • Establishment of a Working Group to develop and recommend to the parties an ILUA and any other native title agreements as required;
  • The appointment of a Native Title Officer with responsibility for day to day coordination, project management and administration of the process of the negotiations and for necessary research, liaison, and dissemination of information;
  • A list of 25 matters which the parties intend to address during the negotiation of an ILUA, such as: Aboriginal community issues; cross-cultural training; land and natural resource management; land tenure matters; matters arising out of the Kariyarra People's claim application; tourism development;and
  • The prioritisation of 12 matters for discussion where the Town of Port Hedland's immediate management and/or development plans are, or may be, affected by native title, such as: residential aged care facility; coastal development and management; new regional hospital site; Aboriginal rangers and the employment of an Aboriginal liaison officer.

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  • References

    National Native Title Tribunal (2002) Native Title Process Agreement between The Kariyarra People and The Town of Port Hedland


    Framework Agreement | Indigenous Partnership

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