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Nywaigi People

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Native Title Holders (Native Title Act) | Party to an Indigenous Land Use Agreement
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Customary Law | Environmental Heritage
Summary Information:
The Nywaigi people have occupied lands north of Townsville, Tropical North Queensland for over 45,000 years.

The Nywaigi people are parties to the Nywaigi Indigenous Land Use Agreement (Tribunal File No: QI2010/021).
Detailed Information:

The Nywaigi People are native title holders. They are the descendants of one or more of the following people;

  • Billie and Jennie, whose known child is Rosie Addo, whose known child is Nellie/ Clara Cassidy/ Clara Quetta, whose known child is Ernest Addo Snr;
  • Rosie Tootoolie, whose known children are Jack and Charlie Addo;
  • Dora, whose known child is Emily King, whose children are Tommy Anderson Jnr, Frank Anderson Snr and Ellen Anderson;
  • Tooya, whose known children are Amy Bligh; Kitchener Bligh, Reginals Bligh Snr/Roberts and Warren Bligh;
  • Billy and Jennie, whose known child is Rosie, whose known child is Billy Cassady;
  • Rosie Halifax, whose known children are Thomas Curley Snr and Peter Wallace;
  • Heron and Alice, whose known child is Rosie Dennis, whose known children are Roy Heron, Jimmy Dennis, Henry Dennis Snr, Evelyn Dennis and Alexander Dennis;
  • Mungi, whose known child is Paddy Payne;
  • Charlie Lewis Snr/Henry and Rosie Lewis/Mingabi, whose known children are Daphne Lewis/Roach, Joan Lewis Tiers, Freddie Lewis and Charlie Lewis Jnr;
  • Dyilni, whose known child is Mary/Dyinbayi, whose known child is Willie Seaton Snr/'Bunurra';
  • Tommy roach and Nora, Whose known children are Peter Roach and Jack Roach/Wargurdal (and old 'Nywaigi King');
  • Billy Erin and Jeannie whose known children are Long Erin/Long Heron, Charlie Roberts/Lambert, Bob Roberts/Robert Ingham, Rosie Roberts and Louisa Roberts;
  • Jimmy Kerr and Annie, whose known child is Tippo Ingham;
  • Brothers Maturra, Nitoo (aka Ditchurogoo), Gilman (aka Tommy Landerson), or Dilgorru (aka King Bill);
  • Elizabeth Bellyarre/Lizzie Balyarri, whose parents are Billy and Kitty.

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