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Teddy Biljabu, Kevin Fred, Patricia Fry, Lindsay Hardcase, Grant Judson, Ben Odapanie, Colin Peterson, Neil Pitu (Bidu), Pincher Rubin, Nancy Taylor and Kenny Thomas on behalf of the Martu No 1 Claim Group

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Native Title Holders (Native Title Act)
Place:Western Desert Region
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Exploration | Mining and Minerals | Native Title | Recognition of Native Title or Traditional Ownership
Summary Information:
The Martu People are those Aboriginal People of the Western Desert Region who hold in common their traditional laws and customs, and who identify themselves as belonging to one, some or all of the following language groups: Manyjilyjarra; Kartujarra; Kiyajarra; Putijarra; Nyiyaparli; Warnman; Ngulipartu; Pitjikala; Kurajarra; Jiwaliny; Mangala; and Nangajarra.

The Martu people are recognised as the native title holders of a 136,000 sq km area of the Western Desert resulting of the decision in James & Ors v State of Western Australia WAD 6110 0f 1998.

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