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Banjo Morton Apetyarr and others

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Native Title Applicant
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Native Title
Summary Information:
Banjo Morton Apetyarr , Martin Spratt Apetyarr, Linda Dobbs Apwerl, Lulu Teece Apetyarr And Colleen Morton Kngwarrey on behalf of the members of the Aharreng, Akaneng, Akweranty, Anwerret, Alarilpw, Angkeperretyey, Antarrengeny, Areyn, Arlangkw, Arlpaw, Arnapwenty Imangker, Aatnerlelngk, Atwengerrp, Illeyarm, Irrerlerr, Kwerrkepenty, Lyentyawell Illeparanem, Ntewerrek, Pwerrk And Tyaw Landholding Groups were applicants to the native title consent determination Apetyarr v Northern Territory of Australia [2014] FCA 1088.

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