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Kurungal People

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Native Title Holders (Native Title Act)
State/Country:Western Australia , Australia
Legal Status: Claim group of the National Native Title Tribunal rule no: WCD2015/006, registered on the register of Native Title Claims.
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Customary Law | Environmental Heritage
Summary Information:
"The Kurungal People are a body of persons who identify as Gooniyandi, Walmajarri or Wangkajunga (or a combination of these) through descent, birth or long-time occupation of the claim area who are united in and by their acknowledgement of a body of laws and customs sourced in three traditions with origins in the Dreaming. These people collectively consider themselves to be Kurungal." See Wise on behalf of the Kurungal Native Title Claim v State of Western Australia [2015] FCA 1329 at para 10-12.

The National Native Title Tribunal extract makes reference to the following people as the holders of native title:
"the descendants of Charcoal; Hobble Hobbs (Kinaji); Lucky Luck (Nundagurda); Nynga Nynga; Kulari (mother of Maggie Barnes); Eclipse (Lurlaji); Juluk Tighe; Jack (Jugajuwal); Jack Green; Ned Cox; Wilfred Steele; Butcher Wise; Eric and Julie Lawford; Jean Tighe; Walter Rose; Willy Kew; Limestone Billy; Go Go Billy; Possum; Hairpin Marna; Chum Lee/Jamali; Jimmy James/Wirrali; Barney Barnes; David Downs; Tiger Yul; John Aitkin; Boxer Yangar; Benny Wakartu; Rum and Lombarji; Rosie Kuji and siblings; Frank Thomas; Marjorie Baldwin-Jones; Josephine Lawford; Olive Knight; Jewess; Peter Kurtiji; Trixie Long; Taipan Forest; George Tuckerbox; Billy Muputarti; Billy (Gundagunda); Billy Thomas; Bluey Thomas; Ivy Nixon; Sundown Ellery; Tom Collins; Minnie Pie; Spider Snell; Jerry Thompson; John Charles; Nada Rawlins and siblings; George Spinks; Molly Dededar; Hitler; Ivan and Rolla Holliman; Edgar Pike and Barney Lawford. This includes those listed who are still living." See attached National Native Title Tribunal Extract.

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