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Kankawarla, Kanturrpa, Jajinyarra, Linga, Patta, Pirrtangu, Purrurtu, Wapurru and Yurtuminyi Landholding Groups

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Native Title Holders (Native Title Act)
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Customary Law | Environmental Heritage | Native Title
Summary Information:

The native title holders recognised in the Federal Court proceeding Freddie v Northern Territory [2017] FCA 867 are the Aboriginal persons who are:

1. members of the Kankawarla, Kanturrpa, Jajinyarra, Linga, Patta, Pirrtangu, Purrurtu, Warpurru and Yurtuminyai landholding groups by virtue of descent (including adoption) through father's father, father's mother, mother's father or mother's mother; or

2. accepted as members of one or more of the landholding groups by senior members of a landholding group, by virtue of the following non-descent connections to an estate: conception and/or birthplace affiliation, long-term residence in and/or historical connection with an estate, shared subsection and/or moiety affiliation, close kinship ties including intermarriage, authority and responsibility for shared Dreaming tracks and/or places of significance connected with an estate, seniority in traditional matters concerning a landholding group and/or estate and ceremonial knowledge

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