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Indigenous Carbon Industry Network

Category: Organisation
Date: 20 September 2021
Sub Category:Company Limited by Guarantee | Public Company


State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Legal Status:

Registered with ASIC

Legal Reference: Australian Business Number (ABN): 70 649 580 423 Australian Company Number (ACN): 649 580 423
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Environmental Heritage | Green Energy | Land Use
Summary Information:

The Indigenous Carbon Industry Network (ICIN) is a "network of Indigenous-owned organisations that operate across north Australia to develop and deliver carbon projects, mainly through fire management."

ICIN's purpose is to enable and empower Traditional Owners and Indigenous carbon producers to benefit from carbon markets through their land and sea management practices.

Detailed Information:

ICIN Activities

ICIN furthers its aims by:

  • facilitating active, equitable and informed engagement by member organisations, supporting effective communication and transparent decision making;
  • acting as an independent and trusted point of contact for the Indigenous carbon industry by connecting members to external agencies;
  • enabling Indigenous voices to be better represented in the carbon industry;
  • building capacity of Indigenous people to engage in the carbon industry by supporting knowledge sharing;
  • promoting best-practice standards for Indigenous engagement to enable fair business agreements and Indigenous empowerment;
  • advocating for policy supporting a growing Indigenous carbon industry that maximises benefits to Indigenous communities.

See the ICIN website via the URL link above for further information about its operations.

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