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Category: Organisation
Sub Category:State Government | Statutory Body
State/Country:New South Wales, Australia
Subject Matter:Housing, Construction and Infrastructure
Summary Information:
TransGrid is the owner and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission network in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is a state owned corporation, owned by the Government of New South Wales and was established after the break-up of the Electricity Commission of New South Wales into power generation and distribution units in preparation for the national electricity market.

Essentially, TransGrid connects generators of electricity to retail distributors, and allows for the national trading of electricity. It forms the backbone of Australia's electricity network. It is part of the portfolio of the Minister for Energy. Its two shareholders are the NSW Treasurer and Finance Minister.

TransGrid was originally established as a Statutory Authority on 1 February 1995, under the Electricity Transmission Authority Act 1994. "TransGrid" was originally the registered trading name of the Electricity Transmission Authority. Since its corporatisation on 14 December 1998, under the Energy Services Corporations Amendment (TransGrid Corporatisation) Act 1998 (NSW), TransGrid has been the actual name of the corporation.

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