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Amanbidji Station Cooperative Lease Agreements

Date: 1 January 2004
Sub Category:Lease
Place:Timber Creek region
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Amanbidji Pastoral Lease Agreement
  • Subject Matter:Economic Development | Pastoral Activities
    Summary Information:
    The Amanbidji Station Cooperative Lease Agreements were signed in 2004 between the Amanbidji Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) and private pastoral companies. The agreements allow third parties to agist their cattle on the Aboriginal-owned station while Amanbidji continues to develop its own herd utilising other areas of the station.
    Detailed Information:
    The leases involve the payment of an annual fee in addition to undertakings from the private pastoral companies to conduct maintenance work with respect to fencing, water bores and road grading. In exchange, AAC members will muster, draft and conduct the daily management of the cattle.

    It is envisaged that the arrangements will improve the skills base of AAC members through a corporate governance training package. This is to assist in achieving the goal of self-management of the station's affairs. A business strategy of selling cattle to fund capital items and station improvements has been developed.

    The agreements have already led to the employment of six Indigenous people at Amanbidji Station, funded in part by Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP).

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  • References

    Electronic Journal
    Northern Territory Government (2005) Elliott Pastoral Apprentices



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