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Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) Ngarlawangga Agreement

Date: 3 June 2011
Sub Category:Commercial Agreement
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Compensation | Cultural Heritage | Economic Development | Employment and Training | Environmental Heritage | | Mining and Minerals
Summary Information:
The Rio Tinto Iron Ore Ngarlawangga Agreement was entered into between the Ngarlawangga Native Title Claim Group and Rio Tinto Iron Ore.

The agreement is one of four entered into by Rio Tinto Iron Ore with native title claimants in the Pilbara. Other agreements include those with the Nyiyaparli Native Title Claim Group, the Kuruma and Marthudunera Native Title Claim Group and the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura Native Title Claim Group.
Detailed Information:
The Ngarlawannga people filed an application for a determination of native title in April 2005 (Federal Court No WAD78/05). That application was registered on the Native Title Register and is currently in mediation.

The Ngarlawangga Agreement covers some 6,901 square kilometres of land in the east Pilbara region. The Ngarlawangga Claim Group consists of approximately 100 people.

The agreement provides for continuing mining operations at Brickman 4, Mesa A, Mesa J, Hope Downs as well as any mines that Rio Tinto Iron Ore might establish in the future.

For their part, the Ngarlawangga Native Title Claim Group has negotiated a range of economic and non-economic benefits, including an income stream from mining on their lands, training and job opportunities, access to contracts for services for Rio Tinto and support for environmental and heritage activities (Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation).

The agreement also includes mine exclusion zones for the protection of significant sites, as well as water holes and ecologically sensitive areas.

A local Aboriginal corporation has been established to manage the agreement, and a broader regional corporation has also been established to advance the interests of the traditional owners in the Pilbara.

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