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Statewide Model Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (Queensland)

Date: 1 January 2000
Sub Category:Template Agreement
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Exploration Permit Backlog Project
  • Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Exploration | Future Act | Land Use | Mining and Minerals | Native Title | Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests
    Summary Information:
    The Statewide Model Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) is a model agreement developed by the Queensland Government and the Queensland Indigenous Working Group (QIWG) to overcome the backlog exploration permits that were lodged before 15 September 2000. The Model ILUA provides a framework for individual ILUAs to be reached between the State and particular native title groups and their representative bodies, for backlog exploration permits in their area.
    Detailed Information:
    The Statewide Model sets out land access arrangements for all exploration activities, whilst protecting native title rights and Indigenous cultural heritage.
    In summary the ILUA:
    - Sets out the parties to the ILUA;
    - Identifies the land covered by the ILUA;
    - Identifies the specific exploration permits that can be granted under the ILUA;
    - States that the native title group consents to the grant of those exploration permits if they are subject to conditions about the protection of native title and Indigenous cultural heritage;
    - Outlines the process that must be followed by the explorer and the native title group before exploration activities can begin;
    - Sets out the payments that must be made to the native title group; and
    - Provides a process for dispute resolution.

    The ILUA only deals with exploration and cannot be used in relation to the grant of other mining tenures such as mining leases, mining claims and prospecting permits. It lasts for 20 years and allows for the grant and renewal of backlog exploration permits during that period.

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  • References

    Department of Natural Resources and Minerals - Queensland Government An Explanation of the Statewide Model Indigenous Land Use Agreement for Backlog Exploration Permits
    Queensland Government (2000) Statewide Model Indigenous Land Use Agreement Qld


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