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Ceduna Best Practice Statement

Category: Event
Sub Category:Statement of Commitment/Intention
Place:Ceduna, 800 km west of Adelaide
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
Subject Matter: | Cultural Heritage | Education | Employment and Training | Local Government
Summary Information:
The Best Practice Statement has as its aims and objectives to maintain, implement and improve the Council's commitment to Aboriginal people in the district. The impetus for the statement came from the work of the South Australian Local Government Association on the strategy 'Local Councils belong to Aboriginal People Too', which prompted Ceduna Council to develop a closer working relationship with the local Aboriginal peoples. The statement was developed through a process of consultation and negotiation with the local Aboriginal peoples and organisations, such as Wangka Wilurrara Regional Council, Koonibba Community Council, Yalata Community Council, Ceduna Aboriginal Community Council and Tjutjunaku Worka Tjuta which provides CDEP program activities in Ceduna.

The Council has also implemented an action program to maintain, implement and improve its commitment to Aboriginal people.
Detailed Information:
The Statement includes a commitment to:

  • Developing greater knowledge and awareness of issues that impact on Aboriginals and improving liaison arrangements;
  • Increased employment opportunities;
  • Establishing cooperative arrangements with the adjacent Aboriginal communities of Koonibba and Yalata;
  • Encouraging Aboriginal people to nominate for Council;
  • Increasing the knowledge amongst Aboriginal people of the services provided by the Council;
  • Encouraging economic development opportunities for Aboriginal peoples;
  • Encouraging the education system to recognise all people and in particular the cultural differences, the importance of Aboriginal history and of working together.
  • Outcomes:
    The statement has resulted in greater community cohesion and cooperation between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

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    Statement of Commitment/Intention (Australia)

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