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Commitment to Aboriginal Australians by Glenorchy City Council

Category: Event
Sub Category:Statement of Commitment/Intention
Place:Glenorchy, north of Hobart
State/Country:Tasmania, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Glenorchy City Council Commitment to Aboriginal Australians
  • Subject Matter:Reconciliation | Local Government
    Summary Information:
    The Glenorchy City Council in Tasmania has made a Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal Australians, recognising the traditional ownership of Aboriginal people to the Council area, and supporting the right of Aboriginal people to determine their own future and to live according to their own values and customs.
    Detailed Information:
    The Commitment states:

  • Glenorchy City Council acknowledges the traditional ownership of this area by Aboriginal people who were dispossessed by European invasion more than two hundred years ago.
  • The arrival of Europeans brought massive change to this land and to the Aboriginal Australians who occupied it.
  • For its part the City of Glenorchy grieves for the loss by Aboriginal people of their land, their children, their health, their culture, their language, and their lives. We celebrate the survival of Aboriginal people following the devastating impact of European invasion and support the right for Aboriginal people to determine their own future.
  • We recognise the right of Aboriginal people to live according to their own values and customs, subject to the Australian legal system, and we commit ourselves to protecting, preserving, and respecting Aboriginal sacred sites and special places. We accept our responsibility to work with the Aboriginal community to develop an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history and society in our community.
  • In doing so we acknowledge that Aboriginal culture continues to strengthen and enrich our community. The Glenorchy area is now occupied by people drawn from many different lands who share the values of tolerance and respect for one another.
  • The Glenorchy City Council encourages Indigenous and non-Indigenous people across the Nation to work to overcome their differences and to continue to go forward together.
  • The Council supports Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people working together for reconciliation.

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  • References

    Glenorchy City Council (2001) Glenorchy City Council Commitment to Aboriginal Australians


    Statement of Commitment/Intention (Australia)

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