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Nisga'a Nation Fiscal Financing Agreement

Date: 1 January 2000
Sub Category:Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Final Agreement (Canada) | Funding Agreement
State/Country:British Columbia, Canada
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Education | Health and Community Services | Management / Administration | Self Government
Summary Information:
The Fiscal Financing Agreement, signed in May 2000, is a side agreement to the Nisga'a Final Agreement. It outlines the contributions of Canada, British Columbia and Nisga'a to public services over a five-year period. In exchange for the provision of stipulated services relating to health care, social services, education and local programs, the Nisga'a Nation will receive an annual contribution of $1.2 million from British Columbia and $30.9 million from the Canadian Government (adjusted annually). After two years, Nisga'a will contribute funds and this proportion will increase over time.

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  • References

    (2000) Nisga'a Nation Fiscal Financing Agreement


    Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Final Agreement (Canada) | Funding Agreement

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