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Government of Manitoba

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Provincial/Territory Government (Canada)
State/Country:Manitoba, Canada
Summary Information:
The Province of Manitoba is the easternmost of the three Prairie Provinces of Canada. It borders Saskatchewan, Ontario and the USA and covers an area of 650,000 square kilometres. The Government of Manitoba is one of the ten provincial governments of Canada and governs the province in matters of provincial jurisdiction. The government is organised on the parliamentary system with a unicameral legislature. The Lieutenant-Governor is the Queen's official representative in Manitoba.

The Legislative Assembly is composed of 57 elected members (MLAs), each of whom represent a specific geographical area of constituents. The government is formed when the Lieutenant-Governor calls upon the leader of the party with the largest number of members elected. The Premier and Ministers, comprising the Executive Council, determine government policy and are responsible to the Legislative Assembly. The members of the Executive Council are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor on the advice of the Premier. Each member is made responsible for one or more departments. On appointment to the Executive Council, MLAs are known as Ministers, and become responsible for the entire administration of their department.

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