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Makuleke Community

Category: People
Sub Category:Local Community of South Africa
State/Country:Northern Province, Republic of South Africa
The Makuleke area is in the north-west of South Africa, near the borders with Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Summary Information:
The Makuleke Community come from the Pafuri area in the Northern Province, South Africa, from which they were removed in 1969 to make way for an expansion of the Kruger National Park. This removal was commonly agreed by all parties to the later claim for land restitution under the Restitution of Lands Act 1994 to have been as a result of racially discriminatory legislation and practices (see 'Makuleke Community Land Settlement' below). The successful completion of that land claim saw full ownership of some 25,000 hectares returned to the community, and the agreement of a joint management program with South African National Parks. The Community is able to make commercial use of their land within the Kruger National Park, as long as that use is in keeping with the Park's conservation values.

Community land is held by the Makuleke Communal Property Association, of which there are approximately 15,000 members made up of the people who were originally moved from the Makuleke Region, as well as their descendants. The Community have since added 5,000 hectares of land to the Kruger National Park.

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