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Riemvasmaak Community

Category: People
Sub Category:Local Community of South Africa
State/Country:Northern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa
Riemvasmaak is composed of approx. 74,563ha and is located 160km from Upington in the Northern Cape Province. It borders Namibia to the west, the Orange River to the south and the Kalahari desert to the north (WWF).
Summary Information:
The Riemvasmaak Community, composed of Xhosa, Nama and so-called 'Coloured' peoples, had been forcibly removed from their land in 1973-1974 under apartheid-era policies. The community were removed to different places based on their different racial classifications, the majority of whom were relocated to then-South African controlled Namibia (McKenzie).

They were the recipients of one of the first instances of land restitution following South Africa's 1994 democratic elections (see below for details).

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