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Myra Hayes and Others

Category: People
Sub Category:Native Title Applicant
Summary Information:
The full name of this applicant party to Hayes v Northern Territory [2000] FCA 671 (23 May 2000) is Thomas Stevens Peltharre, Robert Francis Stuart Kngwarraye, Robert Liddle Kemarre, Augustine Rice Ampetyane, Wenten Rubuntja Pengarte, Patrick Peter Stirling Kemarre, Veronica Golder (Campbell) Pengarte, Myra Hayes Ampetyane, Rosie Ferber Ampetyane, Doris Stuart Renehan Kngwarraye, Stewart Oliver Angale, Clem Ellis Pengarte, Phylis Blanche Campbell-Kenny Ampetyane and Jean Stuart Kemarre.

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Case Law
  • Hayes v Northern Territory [2000] FCA 671 (23 May 2000) - Native Title Claimant

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