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Anthony Bennell (and others named in the Schedule of Parties) (Single Noongar Claim #1) and (Single Noongar Claim #2)

Category: People
Sub Category:Native Title Applicant
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Legal Reference: FCA file nos.: WAD6006/2003 and WAD6012/2003
Subject Matter:Native Title
Summary Information:

The full name of the first and second applicant in Bennell v State of Western Australia [2021] FCA 1508 is AB Deceased, Alan Blurton, Martha Borinelli, Robert Brofo, Glen Colbung, Ken Colbung, Donald Collard, Clarrie Collard-Ugle, Albert Corunna, Shawn Councillor, Dallas Coyne, Dianna Coyne, Margaret Culbong, Edith De Giambattista, Rita Dempster, Aden Eades, Trevor Eades, Doolann-Leisha, Eattes, Essard Flowers, Greg Garlett, John Garlett, Ted Hart, George Hayden, John Hayden, Reg Hayden, Eric Hayward, Val Headland, Jack Hill, Oswald Humphries, Robert Issacs, Allan Jones, James Khan, Justin Kickett, Eric Krakouer, Barry Mcguire, Wally Mcguire, Winnie Mchenry, Peter Michael, Theodore Michael, Samuel Miller, Diane Mippy, Fred Mogridge, Harry Narkle, Doug Nelson, Joe Northover, P.K., Clive Parfitt, John Pell, Carol Pettersen, Fred Picket, Rosemary Picket, Phillip Prosser, Bill Reidy, Robert Riley, Lomas Roberts, Malcolm Ryder, Ruby Ryder, Charlie Shaw, Iris Slater, Barbara Stamner-Corbett, Harry Thorne, Angus Wallam, Charmaine Walley, Joseph Walley, Richard Walley, Trevor Walley, William Webb, Beryl Weston, Richard Wilkes, Bertram Williams, Gerald Williams, Andrew Woodley, Humphrey Woods, Dianne Yappo, Myrtle Yarran, Reg Yarran (Jnr) And Saul Yarran.

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