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Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)

Category: Organisation
Date: 1 July 2016
Sub Category:Government

Headquarters located in Cairns.

Subject Matter:
Summary Information:
The North Australian Infrastructure Facility ('NAIF') is a 5 billion dollar Australian Government lending facility that provides loans to infrastructure projects in northern Australia. These investments can be used for the development of new infrastructure or for materially enhancing existing infrastructure. Projects eligible to receive NAIF financing must have a public benefit and an Indigenous Engagement Strategy. Notably, projects financed by NAIF need not be entirely within the northern boundaries set by the organisation if they produce significant benefits to northern Australia.
Detailed Information:

In order to be eligible for NAIF funding a proposed project must:

  1. involve the construction or material enhancement of northern Australia economic infrastructure,
  2. be of public benefit,
  3. be located in, or have significant benefit for, northern Australia,
  4. require a loan that is able to be repaid or refinanced, and
  5. have an Indigenous Engagement Strategy, meaning the project has objectives for Indigenous participation, procurement and employment.

Some examples of projects financed by NAIF include the three-stage redevelopment of Mater Private Hospital's Pimlico campus in Townsville, and the construction of an open access multi-user ship lift facility, and associated marine industry infrastructure, in Darwin.

For more information concerning the process of gaining NAIF financing see the facility's website listed in the URL section above.

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