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Beaver First Nation

Category: People
Sub Category:First Nations People of Canada
State/Country:Northwest Territories, Canada
Alternative Names:
  • Tsattine
  • Dunne-za
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    Summary Information:
    The Beaver First Nation people are cousins to the Slavey, Chipewyan and Saroee, all of whom speak similar Athapaskan-based languages. The Beaver people originally inhabited the area between the present-day Alberta-Saskathewan border and the Peace River. They were ultimately driven as far west as the Rocky Mountains by the Cree people. There were approximately four bands of Beaver consisting of around 1000 people at the time of European contact, however numbers were dramatically reduced by disease. The Beaver were the last band to sign Treaty No 8 in May 1900. The Beaver First Nation presently consists of approximately 445 members located in the Alberta region and is a member of the North Peace Tribal Council.

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