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Ta'an Kwach'an Council

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Canadian Aboriginal Government
State/Country:Yukon, Canada
Summary Information:
According to its website, the main aim of the Council is promote a lifestyle for its First Nation citizens and future generations consistent with the traditional values of the Ta'an Kwach'an as practiced today, through governing their natural, human and financial resources effectively.

The Council is governed by a General Assembly composed of six representatives of each fo the Traditional families. The council constitution also establishes an Elders Council composed of citizens who are at least 60 years of age. The Council has responsibility for:
  • providing advice and guidance to citizens;
  • overseeing the establishment of a cultural heritage committee to oversee all traditional activities;
  • electing a representative to sit on the youth council and provide guidance;
  • approving laws and regulation passed by the board; and
  • appointing members of the judicial committee.

    The board is composed of a chief, a deputy chief and nine family directors, plus a representative from the elders council and the youth council.

    The Board has responsibility for:
  • developing laws and regulations;
  • approving agreements and contracts;
  • borrowing monies; and
  • fulfilling the mandates and directions provided by the General Assembly.

    The Chief is elected for three years by vote of all citizens over the age of 16.

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