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Tlicho Tax Treatment Agreement

Category: Agreement
Sub Category:Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Self-Government Agreement (Canada)
State/Country:Northwest Territories, Canada
Subject Matter:Land Settlement | Self Government
Summary Information:
Chapter 27 of the Tlicho Land Claims and Self-Government Agreement provides for the Tlicho Tax Treatment Agreement to be entered into between the Treaty 11 Council and the Governments of Canada and of the Northwest Territories. The Tlicho Tax Treatment Agreement relates to the 'tax treatment of the Tlicho Government, Tlicho corporations and the Tlicho capital trust.' The Agreement includes the way in which taxation by the Tlicho Government 'will be coordinated with the existing federal and territorial tax systems; and the extent to which the Tlicho Government may enact laws for the direct taxation of persons on Tlicho lands or in Tlicho communities who are not Tlicho Citizens.'

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    Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Self-Government Agreement (Canada)

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