Deen Maar Indigenous Protected Area

Category: Place
Date: 1 November 1999
Sub Category:Indigenous Protected Area
Place:50 km west of Warrnambool, Victoria
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Subject Matter:Environmental Heritage | Land Management | Cultural Heritage | Education
Summary Information:
Deen Maar was declared an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in November 1999. The 453 hectare property, west of Warrnambool, Victoria, is managed by the Framlingham Aboriginal Trust. The property was purchased by the Trust in 1993 in recognition of the cultural connections the Aboriginal community has with the land, and its potential for development as an eco-tourism destination. Work is focused on rehabilitating the degraded wetland and coastal dune system. Other work has included reducing the rabbit population, controlling weeds, revegetation and track maintenance. Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal land management techniques are used in the management of Deen Mar. A learning and teaching program is being developed by the University of the Northern Territory, Deakin University and the Framlingham Aboriginal Trust for the purpose of allowing Aboriginal people around Australia to share their land management skills. IPAs must have a plan of management in place which sets out how the area will be managed, with respect to matters such as feral animal and weed control, the significant values of the area, cultural and natural heritage conservation and the establishment of infrastructure to regulate visitor access.
Detailed Information:
Recently approximately 20 orange bellied parrots (15 per cent of the total known population) were found on the IPA.

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  • References

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