Framework Agreement (Canada)


A framework agreement often represents the first stage toward the negotiation of a final land claims or self-government agreement. It sets out the details of the negotiation subject matter, the process and the timetable for reaching an Agreement-in-Principle (AIP).

Extended Definition

A framework agreement may reaffirm existing Aboriginal, treaty and self-government rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada under s 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. The purpose of the framework agreement is to guide the negotiation of the AIP which will in turn establish the schedule and process for a final agreement.

The subject matters for negotiation may include:

economic measures;
financial payments and transfer arrangements;
resource revenue sharing;
lands and waters;
wildlife harvesting;
boundary and overlap issues;
parks and conservation areas;
administration of justice;
education, health and housing;
public works;
taxation; and
review, amendment and implementation.

A framework agreement may constitute a commitment by all Parties to negotiate in good faith with the intention of reaching an agreement. A negotiation process may be set out in detail along with an approval process for the AIP and the final agreement.