Environmental Agreement (Canada)


Environmental agreements are typically negotiated in the context of resource development between a company, the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND) and the relevant provincial or territorial government.

Extended Definition

Environmental agreements are frequently developed with the participation of the local Aboriginal organisations.

Pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 1992, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND) and other responsible authorities are to ensure that appropriate mitigation measures are implemented such as to reduce the severity of any adverse environmental impacts of a given project. An environmental agreement is a central measure in achieving this.

The purpose of the environmental agreement is to ensure environmental monitoring and regulation of a project, facilitate community input and communication regarding the project, and ensure that mitigation measures developed in the environmental review stage are implemented.

Environmental agreements will typically require the establishment of an environmental monitoring agency to oversee the environmental management of the project. Such agencies may be composed of representatives from affected local Aboriginal organisations, as well as representatives of the parties to the agreement, and members of the public. The creation and operation of the agency is funded in the majority by the company although limited financial contributions may be made by federal and provincial or territorial governments. The agency may receive support from a Science and Technical Panel as well as Traditional Knowledge working groups.