All Deeds of Settlement (New Zealand)
Records found: 30
Affiliate Te Arawa Deed of Settlement Agreement30/09/2006
Central North Island Forests Iwi Collective Deed of SettlementAgreement25/06/2008
Hauai Deed of SettlementAgreement30/10/1993
Maraeroa A and B Block Initialled Deed of Settlement Agreement16/12/2010
Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi Deed of Settlement Agreement27/11/2003
Ngai Tahu Deed of SettlementAgreement29/11/1998
Ngai Tâmanuhiri Initialled Deed of Settlement Agreement16/12/2010
Ngâti Apa (North Island) Deed of Settlement Agreement8/10/2008
Ngati Awa Deed of SettlementAgreement27/03/2003
Ngati Mutunga Deed of Settlement Agreement31/07/2005
Ngati Rangiteaorere Agreement Agreement21/10/1993
Ngati Ruanui Deed of SettlementAgreement12/05/2001
Ngati Tama Deed of SettlementAgreement20/12/2001
Ngati Turangitukua Deed of SettlementAgreement26/09/1998
Ngati Tuwharetoa (Bay Of Plenty) Deed of SettlementAgreement6/06/2003
Ngati Whakaue Deed of Agreement Agreement23/09/1993
Pouakani Deed of SettlementAgreement1/11/1999
Pukaahu (Awakeri Springs) Deed of Settlement Agreement15/09/2004
Rangitaiki 60C Deed of Settlement Agreement15/09/2004
Rotoma Deed of Agreement Agreement6/10/1996
Te Arawa (Lakes) Deed of SettlementAgreement18/12/2004
Te Maunga Lands Deed of Agreement Agreement2/10/1996
Te Roroa Deed of SettlementAgreement17/12/2005
Te Uri o Hau Deed of SettlementAgreement13/12/2000
Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries SettlementAgreement23/09/1992
Waikato River Deed of SettlementAgreement17/12/2009 
Waikato-Tainui Deed of Settlement Agreement22/05/1995
Waimakuku Deed of AgreementAgreement20/12/1995
Waiohau Deed of SettlementAgreement1/12/2004
Waitomo Deed of SettlementAgreement11/03/1996

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