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Carcross/Tagish First Nation Final Agreement Agreement23/07/2007
Lheidli T'enneh Final Agreement Agreement29/10/2006
Nunavik Inuit Marine Region Agreement-in-Principle 2002Agreement25/10/2005
Carcross/Tagish First Nation Self-Government Agreement Agreement22/10/2005
Inuit Partnership AccordAgreement31/05/2005
Kwanlin Dun First Nation Final Agreement Agreement19/02/2005
Anishnaabe Government Agreement Agreement7/12/2004
Anishnaabe Government Agreement First Nation Ratification ProcessAgreement7/12/2004
Northwest Territories Lands and Resources Devolution Framework Agreement 2004Agreement18/03/2004
Tsawwassen First Nation Agreement-in-PrincipleAgreement1/01/2004
Kluane First Nation Self-Government Agreement Implementation Plan 2003Agreement18/10/2003
Kluane First Nation Self-Government Agreement 2003Agreement18/10/2003
Westbank First Nation Self-Government Agreement 2003Agreement3/10/2003
Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement 2003Agreement29/08/2003
Tlicho Land Claims and Self-Government AgreementAgreement25/08/2003
Deline Self-Government Agreement-in-Principle for the Sahtu Dene and Metis of Deline 2003Agreement23/08/2003
Kluane First Nation Final Agreement 2003Agreement11/04/2003
Gwich'in and Inuvialuit Self-Government Agreement-In-Principle for the Beaufort-Delta RegionAgreement1/01/2003
Akaitcho/Tlicho Overlap AgreementAgreement31/10/2002
Tlicho/Deh Cho Overlap AgreementAgreement31/10/2002
Agreement Concerning a New Relationship Between the Government of Quebec and the Crees of QuebecAgreement7/02/2002
Ta'an Kwach'an Council Self-Government AgreementAgreement13/01/2002
Voisey's Bay Interim Measures Agreement 2002Agreement1/01/2002
Labrador Inuit Land Claims Interim Measures Agreement 2001Agreement16/11/2001
Lutsel K'e Dene Band Participation Agreement with Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.Agreement24/09/2001
Kitikmeot Inuit Association Participation Agreement with Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.Agreement23/09/2001
Akaitcho Interim Measures Agreement 2001Agreement28/06/2001
Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement-in-Principle 2001Agreement25/06/2001
Memorandum of Intent on Devolution and Resources Revenue Sharing 2001Agreement22/05/2001
Yellowknives Kwe K'a Ndi Participation Agreement with Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.Agreement27/10/2000
Akaitcho Treaty 8 Framework Agreement 2000Agreement25/07/2000
Political Accord between Akaitcho Territory Dene First Nations and Government of the Northwest Territories 2000Agreement13/06/2000
Dogrib Treaty 11 Council Participation Agreement with Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.Agreement6/04/2000
North Slave Metis Alliance Participation Agreement with Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.Agreement24/03/2000
Diavik Diamonds Project Environmental AgreementAgreement8/03/2000
Dogrib Comprehensive Land Claim and Self-Government Agreement-in-PrincipleAgreement7/01/2000
Nisga'a Nation Harvest AgreementAgreement1/01/2000
Nisga'a Nation Own Source Revenue AgreementAgreement1/01/2000
Nisga'a Nation Taxation AgreementAgreement1/01/2000
Nisga'a Nation Fiscal Financing AgreementAgreement1/01/2000
Beaufort-Delta Political AccordAgreement1/01/2000
Memorandum of Understanding on Interim Measures Related to the Proposed Torngat Mountains National Park Reserve 2000Agreement1/01/2000
Diavik Diamonds Project Socio-Economic Monitoring Agreement Agreement2/10/1999 
Nisga'a Final AgreementAgreement1/01/1999
Tr'ondek Hwech'in Self-Government AgreementAgreement16/07/1998
Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation Self-Government AgreementAgreement21/07/1997
Selkirk First Nation Self-Government AgreementAgreement21/07/1997
BHP Billiton - Government of the Northwest Territories Socio-Economic AgreementAgreement1/10/1996
Nisga'a Agreement-in-PrincipleAgreement1/01/1996
Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement Implementation Plan 1993Agreement6/09/1993
Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Self-Government AgreementAgreement29/05/1993
Champagne and Aishihik First Nation Self-Government AgreementAgreement29/05/1993
First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun Self-Government AgreementAgreement29/05/1993
Umbrella Final Agreement between the Government of Canada, The Council for Yukon Indians and the Government of the YukonAgreement29/05/1993
British Columbia Treaty Commission Agreement Agreement23/04/1993
Nunavut Land Claims AgreementAgreement1/01/1993
Nunavut Political AccordAgreement1/01/1992
Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim AgreementAgreement1/01/1992
Yukon Transboundary AgreementAgreement1/01/1992
Gwich'in Self-Government Framework AgreementAgreement1/01/1992
Nisga'a Framework AgreementAgreement1/01/1991
Labrador Inuit Land Claims Framework Agreement 1990Agreement30/11/1990
Agreement Respecting the Implementation of the James Bay and Northern Quebec AgreementAgreement12/09/1990
Northeastern Quebec Agreement Implementation AgreementAgreement1/09/1990
Nunavut Agreement-in-PrincipleAgreement1/01/1990
Inuvialuit Final AgreementAgreement1/01/1984
Northeastern Quebec AgreementAgreement31/01/1978
Inuvialuit Land Rights Settlement Agreement-In-PrincipleAgreement1/01/1978
James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and Complementary AgreementsAgreement11/11/1975
James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement-in-PrincipleAgreement15/11/1974
Treaty 11Agreement1/06/1921
Treaty 10 Agreement1/08/1906
Treaty 9 Agreement1/06/1905
Treaty No 8Agreement1/06/1899
Treaty 7 Agreement22/09/1877
Treaty 6Agreement23/08/1876
Treaty 5Agreement20/09/1875
Treaty 4Agreement15/09/1874
Treaty 3 Agreement3/10/1873
Treaty 1 & 2 Agreement3/08/1871
Manitoulin Treaty of 1862Agreement6/10/1862
Robinson TreatiesAgreement7/09/1850
Manitoulin Treaty of 1836Agreement1/08/1836
Snap Lake Diamond Project Socio-Economic Agreement 2004Agreement
Snap Lake Diamond Project Environmental Agreement 2004Agreement
Snap Lake Diamond Project Agreement to Support the Secondary Diamond Industry In the Northwest Territories 2004Agreement
Tlicho Agreement Implementation PlanAgreement
Tlicho Financing AgreementAgreement
Tlicho Intergovernmental Services AgreementAgreement
Tlicho Tax Treatment AgreementAgreement
Gwichi'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement Implementation Plan 2003Agreement
Kluane First Nation Final Agreement Implementation Plan 2003Agreement
Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement 1994Agreement
Political Accord to Establish a Nunavik Commission for Self-Government 1999Agreement
Partnership Agreement on Economic and Community Development in Nunavik 2002Agreement
Negotiation Framework Agreement on the Amalgamation of Certain Institutions and the Creation of a New Form of Government in Nunavik 2003Agreement
BHP Billiton Ekati Mine Project Environmental Agreement 1997Agreement
BHP Billiton Ekati Mine Project Impact and Benefits Agreements 1996 - 1998Agreement
Metis Nation Accord 1992Agreement
Memorandum of Agreement by 'Half-Breeds' of Rainy River Agreement

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