Proprietary Company
A proprietary (or private) company is limited to no more than 50 members and operates with restricted rights of transfer of shares. It can neither invite the general public to subscribe for its shares or debentures nor take deposits from the public. It is the most common form of company type.
Reef Oil Pty Ltd16/12/2015
A.P.N. Pty Ltd
Abalone (WA) Pty Ltd
Aboriginal Exploration and Development Pty Ltd
ACVE Holdings Pty Ltd
ADE Filter Aid Pty Ltd
Aestas Pty Ltd
Afmeco Mining and Exploration Pty Ltd
AGI Tanami Pty Limited
Aileron Pastoral Holdings Pty Ltd (APH)23/04/2015
AJ & PA McBride Limited
AJ and PA McBride Pty Ltd
Albatross Hire Pty Ltd trading as Weipa Houseboats
Alcan South Pacific Pty Ltd
Alliance Petroleum Australia Pty Ltd
Alpana Pty Ltd
AMC Exploration Pty Ltd
AMI Resources Pty Ltd6/11/2010
Ammaroo Pty Ltd
Amplitel Pty Ltd
Anaconda Nickel Ltd
Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd
Anna Plains Cattle Co.
Anvil Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd21/04/2120
API Management Pty Ltd
APT Pipelines (NT) Pty Ltd
Arcella Family Investments Pty Ltd
Argyle Diamonds Limited
Argylla Mountains Pastoral Pty Ltd
Ark Energy Corporation Pty Ltd
Arrrabury Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Arubiddy Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Atlas Iron Pty Ltd
Aurizon Network Pty Ltd
Aurizon Pty Ltd
Aurora Gold (WA) Pty Ltd
Austone Pty Ltd13/04/1971
Aust-Pac Capital Pty Limited
Austquip Pty Ltd
Australia Pacific LNG Pty Ltd
Australian Abrasive Minerals Pty Ltd22/02/2006
Australian Agricultural Company Pty Ltd (AA Company Pty Ltd)
Australian Bauxite Development Pty Ltd
Australian Consolidated Minerals Pty Ltd
Australian Diatomaceous Earth Joint Venture Pty Ltd
Australian Diatomaceous Earth Pty Ltd
Australian Fine Grain Marble Pty Ltd
Australian Green Properties Pty Ltd1/07/2007
Australian Mining & Gemstone Co Pty Ltd6/11/2008
Australian Sea Pearls Py Ltd
Babbiloora Pty Ltd
Bagden Pty Ltd
Bagira Pty Ltd (Wydgee Station)
Baines River Cattle Co Pty Ltd
Bakiss Pty Ltd
Balarnji Design Studio1/01/1985
Balfour Downs Pastoral Coy Pty Ltd
Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd1/01/1996
Bambi Pty Ltd
Baracus Pty Ltd
Barker Fisheries Pty Ltd
Barrick (Osborne) Pty Limited
Basin Oil Pty Ltd16/12/2015
Battlin Cattle Co Pty Ltd
BBI Port Aus Operations Pty Ltd9/02/2016
Beach Energy Ltd
Benagerie Gold & Copper Pty Ltd 9/10/2006
Bendigo Extractive Industries Pty Ltd
Berkshire Valley Nominees Pty Ltd
Best-Rural Pty Ltd
Betatene Pty Ltd
Bezuma Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
BGC Contracting Pty Ltd
BHP Billiton Minerals Pty Ltd 22/04/1965
BHP BIlliton Nickel West Pty Ltd
BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd
BHP Billiton Yakabindie Nickel Pty Ltd
BHP Coal Pty Ltd 22/02/1961
BHP Coal Pty Ltd, Umal Consolidated Pty Ltd, BHP Queensland Coal Ltd, Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd, QCT Investment Pty Ltd, QCT Mining Pty Ltd, QCT Management Ltd
BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty Ltd
BHP Minerals Pty Ltd
Big River Supermarket
Billeroo West Pty Ltd
Billiton Aluminium (RRA) Pty Ltd
Billiton Aluminium (Worsley) Pty Ltd
Blackwater Accommodation Village Pty Ltd
Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour Ltd
Blue Sky Trading (NQ) Pty Ltd
Bluegate Nominees Pty Ltd
BM Alliance Coal Operations Pty Ltd
Bolwarra Enterprises Pty Ltd
Bootu Creek Resources Pty Ltd
Border Ranges Contractors
Boss Uranium Pty Ltd
Boston Bay Rock Lobsters Pty Ltd
Boston Island Pty Ltd
Boulder Opal Enterprises Pty Ltd
Bovidae Pty Ltd
Bowen Basin Coal Pty Ltd
Bowen Central Coal Pty Ltd
Bowyer Archer River Quarries Pty Ltd
BPP Oliver Holdings Pty Ltd17/06/2016
BPP Oliver Super Pty Ltd
Brandt Metals Pty Ltd
Brandy Hill Iron Pty Ltd
Branir Pty Ltd
Bridge Oil Developments Pty Ltd16/12/2015
Bridgefield Pty Limited
Brisbane Port Holdings Pty Ltd
Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited
Brooklands Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Broome Pearls Pty Ltd
Buckleboo Nominees Pty Ltd
Bullo River Pty Ltd
Bullurea Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Bundoona Nominees Pty Ltd
Calcifier Industrials Minerals Pty Ltd
Cameron Creek Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
CAML Resources Pty Ltd
Canso Resources Pty Ltd
Capcoal Mine Joint Ventures
Cape Flattery Silica Mines Ptd Ltd
Cape York Corporation Pty Ltd1/01/1995
Cape York Pipeline Company Pty Ltd
Capricorn Bulk Haulage Pty Ltd
Carlton Hill Pty Ltd
Carwoola Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Castle Hill Exotics Pty Ltd
CC Cooper & Co Pty Ltd
Cedar Hill Flowers & Foliage Pty Ltd
Ceduna Marina Development Company Pty Ltd
Cement Australia (Queensland) Pty Ltd
CEMEX Australia Pty Ltd
Centor Australia Pty Ltd
Central (Qld) Holdings Pty Ltd
Central Earthmoving
Central Highlands Gravel Pty Ltd
Central Infrastructure Pty Ltd
Central Norseman Gold Corporation Limited
Central Queensland Indigenous Development Ltd1/11/1994
Central Queensland Pipeline Pty Ltd
Central Stockcare Pastoral Pty Ltd
CG Simms Nominees Pty Ltd
Chalumbin Wind Farm Pty Ltd
Cheela Plains Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Chichester Metals Pty Ltd26/05/2004 
CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd
Clausen Pty Ltd
Clipper Pearls Pty Limited1/07/2008
CMS Gas Transmission of Australia
Cogema Australia Pty Ltd
Cognis Australia Pty Ltd
Colevale Estates Pty Ltd
Colinta Holdings PTY LTD
Colour Minerals Pty Ltd27/03/2008
Commodore Station Pty Ltd
Condon Nominees Pty Ltd
Congie Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Consolidated Mining & Civil Pty Ltd 1/11/1999
Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Coolawanyah Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Coovin Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Coventry Enterprises Pty Ltd
CR & S Pty Ltd
Crosswalk Pty Ltd
Crowbar Contractors Pty Ltd
CS Energy
DA Weir Pty Ltd
Dabbat Pty Ltd
Daleath Pty Ltd 19/09/2006
Darwin LNG Pty Ltd
David Brook and Broschul Pty Ltd
DBL Blues Pty Ltd
DBNGP (WA) Nominees Pty Ltd
Deflector Gold Pty Ltd
Delaware North El Questro Pty Ltd
Delhi Petroleum Pty Ltd
Diamond Resources (Canning) Pty Ltd
Diamond Resources (Fitzroy) Pty Ltd
Dianne Mining Corporation Pty Ltd
Diatomaceous Earth Investments Pty Ltd
DJ & CF Sampson & Sons Pty Ltd
DOCE Pty Ltd
Dooruna Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd
Dorrington Marine Services/Yennett Pty Ltd
Doyle & Co Pty Ltd6/02/1974
Dunolly Gold Developments Pty Ltd
Dunolly Ridge Estate's Vineyards Pty Ltd
East Kimberley Community Development Employment Programme (CDEP) Pty Ltd9/08/2005
East Kimberley Job Pathways Pty Ltd
Eastpoint Mackay Pty Ltd
ECT Holdings Pty Ltd
Edah Pastoral Company Pty Ltd (Edah Station)
Einasleigh Mining Pty Ltd
Elgin Downs Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Elrose Enterprises Pty Ltd
EMM Consulting Pty Ltd29/01/2010
EMR Golden Grove Pty Ltd
Energy Developments Pty Limited
Energy Generation Pty Limited (EnGen) 
Enertrade (NQ) Pipeline No 1 Pty Ltd
Enertrade (NQ) Pipeline No 2 Pty Ltd (Enertrade JV)
Enertrade Pty Ltd
Engorra Pty Ltd
Enzone Pty Ltd 14/08/2001
Epic Energy South Australia Pty Ltd 11/04/2000
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd
Evolution Mining (Cowal) Pty Ltd1/03/1978
Exco Operations (SA) Pty Ltd 1/10/2003
Exmouth Pearls Pty Ltd
Exxaro Australia Pty Ltd
Eyrewoolf Enterprises Pty Ltd
Fangio Investments Pty Ltd
Far North Queensland Electricity Corporation
Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Limited
Farmout Drillers Pty Ltd
Fiddlers Gold Mining Company Pty Ltd
FMG Pilbara Pty Ltd
Forrest and Forrest Pty Ltd
Fortescue Future Industries Pty Ltd
Four Seasons Corporation Pty Ltd
Foxleigh Joint Venture
FQM Australia Nickel Pty Ltd
Francis Capowie Pty Ltd
Frankfield Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Freight Terminals Pty Ltd
Fromager Pty Ltd
Frontier Oil & Gas Pty Ltd
Gambamora Industries Pty Ltd27/06/1975
Garnet International Resources Pty Ltd
GasNet (Australia)
Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
Geokinetics (Australasia) Pty Ltd
GFB Developments Pty Ltd
GHD Australia
Giants Reef Exploration Pty Ltd
Gibson Grazing Pty Ltd
Gidgealpa Oil Pty Ltd
Glencore Coal Queensland Pty Limited
Glenmurrin Holdings Pty Ltd
Global Port Solution Pty Ltd
GM & JA Bodkin Pty Ltd
Go West Cattle Co Pty Ltd
Gold Coast Convention Centre
Gold Road (North Yamarna) Pty Ltd
Golden Cross Operations Pty Ltd
Grand Abalone Nominees Pty Ltd
Grand Central Industries (Holdings) Pty Ltd
Grass Hut Pty Ltd
Greenham Tasmania
Greenwood Estate Pty Ltd - Mr J N Murphy
Groote Eylandt Mining Company Pty Ltd 1/12/1964
Gulin Gulin Buffalo Company (Bulman) Pty Ltd
Gullewa Gold Project Pty Ltd
Guymon Pty Ltd
GWA (North) Pty Ltd1/09/2010
Gyranda Nominees Pty Ltd29/01/2016
H M Pope Pty Ltd
Hacon Holdings Pty Ltd
Hail Creek Coal Holdings Pty Ltd
Hamersley Exploration Pty Ltd
Hamersley HMS Pty Ltd
Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd
Hamersley Resources Ltd10/03/2016
Hamersley WA Pty Ltd10/03/2016
Hammersley Iron - Yandi Pty Limited
Hancock Coal Pty Ltd
Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd
Handbury Asset Management Pty Ltd
Harvest Home Holdings Pty Ltd
Hawkslade Investments Pty Ltd
Hedges Gold Pty Ltd
Helium Australia Pty Ltd7/04/1997
Hemley Exploration Pty Ltd
Heytesbury Pastoral Pty Ltd
HGM Pastoral Pty Ltd
Hillside Station (WA) Pty Ltd
Hinckley Range Pty Ltd
Hiraji Pty Ltd
Holocene Pty Ltd
Hope Downs Iron Ore Pty Ltd10/03/2016
Hudson Global Resources (Aust) Pty Ltd
Humphries Pty Ltd
ICRA Foxleigh
Imperial Granites and Minerals Pty Ltd
Impress (Cooper Basin) Pty. Ltd.
Incitec Pivot Ltd
Indigenous Mining Services Pty Ltd30/04/2003
Inland Oil (Production) Pty Ltd
InterContinental Energy
Intrepid Pictures
IOR Energy Pty Ltd
Iron Road Limited
Ironbark Mining Pty Ltd
Itochu Minerals & Energy of Australia Pty Ltd 1/01/1957
Ivanhoe Cloncurry Mines Pty Ltd
Jackson Motor Company
Jam Pastoral Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Jam Pastoral Trust21/06/1976
James Bay Energy Corporation
Jangga Operations Pty Ltd
Jarac Pty Ltd30/06/1969
Jece Pty Ltd12/04/2011
Jemarkin Nominees
Jena Pty Ltd
Jersey Plains Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
JFE Minerals (Australia) Pty Ltd
Jobfind Centres Pty Ltd
John Holland Group
JSW Holdings Pty Ltd
Jubilee Downs Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Jurlique International
K Biggs Enterprises Pty Ltd
Kajeena Mining Company Pty Ltd
Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd29/03/1989
Kalkadoon Administrative Services Pty Ltd
Kalkadoon Community Pty Ltd
Kalkadoon Cultural Heritage Services Pty Ltd
Kalkadoon Enterprises Pty Ltd
Kalkaroo Copper Pty Ltd 27/09/2004
Kalkaroo Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Kanangra Grazing Pty Ltd
Kelaray Pty Ltd
Keltren Pty Ltd18/04/1994
Keough Holdings Pty Ltd
Keydrive Pty Ltd
Kimberley Agricultural Industries
Kimberley Prawn Company (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kimberley Quarry Pty Ltd28/06/2000
Kingfisher Bay Resort Village Pty Ltd
Kinkawooka Pty Ltd
Kinnock Pty Ltd
Kistler Aerospace Corporation
Kobelco Trading Australia Pty Ltd
Koori Communications and Training Pty Ltd
Kooringal Aquaculture Company Pty Ltd27/05/1982
Kralcopic Pty Ltd
L & S Nominees Pty Ltd
Lake Everard Pty Ltd
Lallaw Pastoral Pty Ltd
Larrakia Development Corporation1/01/2002
Laura Holdings Pty Ltd
Laverton Nominees Pty Ltd
Lawlor Contracting Pty Ltd
Legune Land Pty Ltd
Lexcray Pty Ltd7/10/1983
Liberty Petroleum Corporation
Life Offices' Association of South Africa
Limestone Resources Australia Pty Ltd
Lisanote Pty Ltd
Lorraine Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Lotus Creek Wind Farm Pty Ltd27/05/2019
Lynch Mining Pty Ltd
Lyndon Pastoral Pty Ltd
Lyndon Station Pty Ltd 
Lyons Development Corporation
M & M Campbell Pty Ltd ACN 109 735 588
M & T Populin Pty Ltd19/05/2000
M G Kailis Holdings Pty Ltd
M.D.H Pty Ltd
Macapa Pty Ltd
Macumba Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Magellan Metals Pty Ltd
Magellan Petroleum (N.T.) Pty Ltd.
Maldon Resources Pty Ltd
Mallapunyah Springs Pty Ltd
Manna Hill Mining Company Pty Ltd
Mantiyupwi Pty Ltd21/01/2008 
Mantle Mining Corporation Limited
Marlborough Nickel Pty Ltd
Marnda Mia Central Negotiating Committee Pty Ltd
Marubeni Coal Pty Ltd
Mawson Petroleum Pty Limited
McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd
McDouall Peak Pty Ltd
McInnerney Bros Penang Pty Ltd
McMillan Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
McRae Investments Pty Ltd
MD & RA Lowe Pty Ltd
Merlin Energy Pty Ltd
MG Kailis Gulf Fisheries Pty Ltd7/05/1998
Mileura Cattle Co.
Millenium Coal Pty Ltd
Mining Corporation Pty Ltd
Mining Women Investments Pty Ltd
Mitsui German Creek Investment Investment Pty Ltd
Mitsui Iron Ore Corporation Pty Ltd
Mitsui Iron Ore Development Pty Ltd10/03/2016
Mitsui Moranbah North Investment Pty Ltd
Mitsui-Itochu Iron Pty Ltd23/03/2000
Molyhil Mining Pty Ltd
Monax Mining Limited
Monte Christo Pty Ltd
Moockra Vale Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Moogooree Pty Ltd
Moolooloo Proprietors Pty Ltd
Moonie Oil Pty Ltd
Moonie Pipeline Company Pty Ltd
Moranbah North Coal Pty Ltd
Mount Bruce Mining Pty Ltd
Mount Denison Proprietors Pty Ltd
Mount House Station Pty Ltd
Mount Isa Mines Ltd
Mount Romance
Mount X2 Management Pty Ltd
Mt Augustus Station (1980) Pty Ltd
Mt House Station Pty Ltd
Mt Mulligan Coal Pty Ltd
Mt Welcome Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Mulgathing Pty Ltd
Murion Cattle Company Pty Ltd
Murray Basin Titanium Pty Ltd
Murrin Murrin Holdings Pty Ltd
Murrum Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Mutooroo Pastoral Company Pty
Nabalco Pty Ltd
Nanutarra Grazing Pty Ltd
Napier Corporation Pty Ltd
Navajo Pty Ltd
Nebo Central Coal Pty Ltd
New Twin Hills Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Newcrest Operations Ltd, Sedimentary Holdings Ltd, Sedgold Pty Ltd and Fernyside Pty Ltd
Newlands Coal Pty Ltd
Newmarket Gold NT Holdings Pty Ltd8/04/2009
Newmont Australia
Newmont Gold Exploration Pty Ltd
Ngurampaa Ltd
NHL Pty Ltd
Nicholson Grazing Company Pty Ltd
Nilpena Partners
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Australia Pty Ltd
Nippon Steel Australia Pty Ltd
Nonning Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Noranda Pacific Pty Ltd
Norgate Nominees18/04/2000
Normandy Gold Pty Ltd
Normandy Pajingo Pty Ltd
Normandy Pipelines Pty Ltd
Normandy Yandal Operations Pty Ltd
North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA)3/12/2012
North Australian Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
North Queensland Pipeline No 1 Pty Ltd
North Queensland Pipeline No 2 Pty Ltd
North Queensland Pipeline No.1 Pty Ltd
Northern Aboriginal Investment Corporation Pty Ltd
Norwest Sand & Gravel Pty Ltd
NS Coal (Moranbah North) Pty Ltd
NS Moranbah North Pty Ltd
NS Resources Australia Pty Ltd
Nullagine Gold Pty Ltd20/04/2011
Nutt Bros Pty Ltd
OCA (Durham) Pty Ltd
Oceanic Cattle Stations (Aust) Pty Ltd
Oil Basins Pty Ltd
Oilnet (NT) Pty Ltd
Olary Investments Pty Ltd
Oldfield Exploration Pty Ltd
Onslow Salt Pty Ltd17/10/1990
Operation Flinders Foundation Inc.
Optus Mobile Pty Ltd
Optus Networks Pty Ltd
Oratana Pty
Ordiv Petroleum Pty Ltd
Origin Energy Wallumbilla Transmissions Pty Ltd15/08/2007
Otter Gold Pty Ltd
Oxiana Golden Grove Pty Ltd21/06/2005
OZ Exploration Pty Ltd
OZ Minerals Carrapateena Pty Ltd
OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Operations Pty Ltd
OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Operations Pty Ltd
Pacific Hydro Pty Ltd
Pancheck Pty Ltd
Panchek Pty Ltd & Costello Holdings NT Pty Ltd
Panoy Pty Ltd
Paradise Development (Investments) Pty Ltd
Pardi Pty Ltd
Pardoo Beef Corporation Pty Ltd
Paronella Park
Partacoona Past Co Pty Ltd
Pastoral Exports Pty Ltd (Mourouba Station)
Pastoral Management Pty Ltd
Peabody Energy Australia PCI Rush Pty Ltd
Peabody West Burton Pty Ltd
Peninsula Ports Pty Ltd
Perkins Shipping Pty Ltd
Permian Oil Pty Ltd
Perth Shell Distributors
Petrex Australia Pty Ltd
Petromin Pty Ltd
Petronas Australia Pty Limited
Phillips Oil Company Australia
Pilbara Energy Pty Ltd
Pilbara Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd
Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd 
Pilbara Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Pindarra Pastoral Pty Ltd
Pine Vale Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Pinga Pty Ltd 2/03/1971
Polymetals (White Dam) Pty Ltd2/04/2008
Powercoal Pty Ltd
Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd
Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd
Q Coal Pty Ltd
QLD Gold Pty Ltd
QRE Pty Ltd
Quadrio Resources Pty Ltd
Queensland Coal Pty Ltd
Queensland Energy Resources Limited
Queensland Water Infrastructure Pty Ltd
Quinyambie Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Quixot Pty Ltd16/12/1985
R Martinovic (Management) Pty Ltd
R.E & B. Yensch Pty Ltd
Rangeland Red Pty Ltd
Ranger Uranium Mines Pty Ltd
Ranges Management Company Pty Ltd
Rapisarda Investments Pty Ltd
Rawlinna Proprietors (Childara Pty Ltd & Commonwealth Hill Pty Ltd & Vanesk Pty Ltd)12/06/1951
RCMA Australia Pty Ltd
RD Oldfield Pty Ltd
RedSun Nominees
Redtrail Pty Ltd
Renison Ltd
RES Australia Pty Ltd
Retep Pty Ltd
Rio Tinto Coal Australia Pty Ltd 11/12/2008
Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Ltd
Ripple Resources Pty Ltd
Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd
Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd, Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd and Hamersley Exploration Pty Ltd
Robe River Mining Company Pty Ltd
Robe River Mining Iron Associates Joint Venture
Roc Oil (Canning) Pty Limited
Roche Mining Pty Limited
Rocklea Station Pty Ltd
Roma Clay Target Club Inc
Ronwell Pty Ltd
Rosewood Station Pty Ltd
Roverton Pty Ltd
Roy Hill Station Pty Ltd
RTA Weipa Pty Ltd21/04/2016
RTA Yarwun Pty Ltd
S & Z Lukin Nominees Pty Ltd
SAE Australia Pty Ltd
Salisbury Exploration Pty Ltd
Samco Beef Pty Ltd
Sandfire Resources NL
Santos (BOL) Pty Ltd16/12/2015
Santos (NARNL Cooper) Pty Ltd16/12/2015
Santos Exploration Pty Ltd
Santos GLNG Pty Ltd
Santos Offshore Pty Ltd
Santos Petroleum Pty Ltd 16/12/2015
Sasol Mining Pty Ltd
Scholefields Boulia Pty Ltd ACN 061 388 494
Scorpion Exploration Pty Ltd
Scriven Exploration Pty Ltd18/04/1984
Sea Transport Development SA Pty Ltd, as Trustee of Spencer Gulf Trust
Senex Energy Ltd
Seqoil Pty Ltd
Shark Bay Resources Pty Ltd
Shawleish Holdings Pty Ltd14/11/2021
Shell Development Australia Pty Ltd
Shiying Youngawalla No.2 Pty Ltd
Silver Lake (Deflector) Pty Ltd
Silverback Properties Pty Ltd30/01/1995
Sino Iron Pty Ltd
Sophie Downs Station Pty Ltd24/06/1985
South African Insurance Association
South Blackwater Coal Limited
Southern Cross Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd
Specimen Hill Windfarm Pty Ltd
Spencer Gulf Aquaculture Pty Ltd
Spencer Gulf Property Pty Ltd
St Ives Gold Mining Company Pty Ltd
Stamco Beef Pty Ltd
Stanbroke Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Stangways Springs Pty Ltd
Stanley Wine Co Pty Ltd
Startline Nominees Pty Ltd
Stirling Station Pty Ltd
Stradbroke Ferries Pty Ltd
Straits Exploration Pty Ltd
Stratford Pastoral Pty Ltd
Strelley Pastoral Pty Ltd
Sumisho Coal Development Queensland Pty Ltd
Sunblade Holdings Pty Ltd
Sunrise Minerals Pty Ltd
Surat Gladstone Pipeline Pty Ltd
Surgant Pty Ltd22/07/2005
Sweetpea Corporation
Sydney Rainforest1/01/1986
T Garnaut Nominees Pty Ltd
Tamboran (Beetaloo) Pty Ltd
Tangalooma Island Resort Pty Ltd10/10/1980
Tangalooma Pty Ltd27/11/1999
Tarakan Pty Ltd
Taralga Wind Farm Nominees No 1 Pty Ltd
TEC Coal Pty Limited 
Teck Australia Minerals Pty Ltd
Teck Cominco Australia Pty Ltd
Teetulpa Pastoral Co Pty
Terra Firma Quarries Pty Ltd
Territory Exploration Pty Ltd
Territory Phosphate Pty Ltd
Thames Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
The Australian South Sea Pearl Company Pty Ltd15/03/1977
The Forest Resort Pty Ltd
The Osborne Property Company Pty Ltd
The South African Reinsurance Offices Association
The Tony and Lisette Lewis Settlement Pty Ltd 
Theia Energy Pty Ltd28/02/2017
Three Corners Properties Pty Ltd
Tianda Resources (Australia) Pty Ltd
Tianda Uranium (Australia) Pty Ltd
Tieyon Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Tipperary Oil and Gas (Australia) Pty Ltd
Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd30/11/2007
TKLN Solar Pty Ltd
Tom Keats & Co Pty Ltd
Trafford Coal Pty Ltd
Transmission Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd
Transoil Pty Ltd
Tronox Western Australia Pty Ltd
TTG Nominees Pty Ltd17/05/2013
Turee Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Twin Rock Pty Ltd8/05/2000
Tyers Investments Pty Ltd
UIL Energy Pty Ltd
Unalla Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
United Oil and Gas Co (N.T.) Pty Ltd
Upper Burdekin Wind Farm Pty Ltd
Usher Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Vageta Pty Ltd
Vale Australia (IP) Pty Ltd
Vale Australia (QC) Pty Ltd
Vale Coal Exploration Pty Ltd
Vamgas Pty Ltd
Vanguard Enterprises Pty Ltd
Venlock Pty Ltd
Venture Exploration NL
Vicdon Holdings
Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty Ltd
Victorian Mining Exploration Pty Ltd
Vitrinite Pty Ltd28/01/2014
W B Mattner Nominees Pty Ltd
W.N.M. MacDonald Pty Ltd
Wagga Wagga Station Pty Ltd
Wakaid Coral Sea Co Pty Ltd
Walaji Pty Ltd
Walker Resources Pty Ltd
Wallabadah Pastoral Pty Ltd
Wallco Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Wartaka Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Waxahachie Pty Ltd
Wedderburn Mining Pty Ltd
Weemabah Pty Ltd
Wellmet Pty Ltd
Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas Pty Ltd
West Coast Enterprises Pty Ltd
Westag Holdings Pty Ltd (Windimurra Station)
Western Agricultural Industries Pty Ltd
Westraint Resources Pty Ltd9/01/1984
Westralia Airports Corporation Pty Ltd
Wide Bay Water Corporation16/02/1998
Wik Timber Holdings Pty Limited
William Croydon Pty Ltd
Williambury Station WA Pty Ltd
Windlab Development Pty Ltd
Winkara Nominees Pty Ltd
Wiso Oil Pty Ltd26/11/2010
Witchelina Pty Ltd
Wollogorang Cattle Company Pty Ltd
Wondoola Pty Ltd
Woodlene Pty Ltd
Wooli Deep Sea Tours and Wooli Deep Sea Centre
World Indigenous Cultural Exchange & Economic Development Organisation
World Smart Retail
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd
Wright Prospecting Pty Ltd 10/03/2016
Wychwood Pty Ltd
Xstrata Copper Exploration Pty Ltd
Xstrata Zinc
Yalgoo Minerals Pty Ltd
Yarabala Pty Ltd
Yarrah Nominees Pty Ltd
Yarramba Pastoral Pty Ltd
Yeeda Station Pty Ltd19/10/2000
Yeltana Holdings Pty Ltd
Yougawalla Pty Ltd
Yougro Pty Ltd
Yunaga Mine Services Pty Ltd
ZeroGen Pty Ltd

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