A legal agreement between parties allowing one party to have a temporary interest in property, usually assuming most of the rights of the owner, and to use the property in accordance with the agreement. Leases will mostly have a date when they terminate, at which time the leased rights in the property return to the owner.
Amanbidji Station Cooperative Lease Agreements1/01/2004
Biamanga National Park Lease Agreement1/12/2005
Darwulah Aboriginal Corporation Lease1/05/2004
Doongara Mining Lease Application1/10/2000
Ely Bauxite Mining Project Agreement
Groote Eylandt Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA) (Stage 1)20/05/2008 
Gulaga National Park Lease Agreement1/12/2005
Hooker Creek Aboriginal Land Trust Lease Agreement
Hope Vale Aboriginal Council and Cape Flattery Silica Mines Deeds of Compensation A & B30/04/1992
Lease 242 of part of Reserve 176141/01/1988 
Malak Malak Browns Creek Boat Ramp Agreement
Malak Malak Market Gardens Boat Ramp Agreement1/01/1999
Mer Island Department of Home Affairs Lease Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)8/08/2018 
Mt Grenfell Lease: Cobar Local Aboriginal Land Council Lease to the Minister for the Environment17/07/2004
Mutawintji Lease Agreement4/09/1998
Nguiu (Tiwi Islands) 99-Year Lease30/08/2007
Pitta Pitta People/Warra Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)   
Skardon River Kaolin Project1/01/1994
Woodcutters Deed of Agreement for Lease16/03/1989

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