Deed of Settlement (New Zealand)
A Deed of Settlement contains the fine detail of a settlement and is initialled by the Crown and the claimant negotiators. Once ratified by the wider claimant group, the final Deed of Settlement is drawn up and signed by the parties, at which time it becomes binding.
Affiliate Te Arawa Deed of Settlement 30/09/2006
Central North Island Forests Iwi Collective Deed of Settlement25/06/2008
Hauai Deed of Settlement30/10/1993
Maniapoto Deed in relation to Co-governance and Co-management of the Waipa River 27/09/2010 
Maraeroa A and B Block Initialled Deed of Settlement 16/12/2010
Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi Deed of Settlement 27/11/2003
Ngai Tahu Deed of Settlement29/11/1998
Ngai Tâmanuhiri Initialled Deed of Settlement 16/12/2010
Ngâti Apa (North Island) Deed of Settlement 8/10/2008
Ngati Awa Deed of Settlement27/03/2003
Ngati Mutunga Deed of Settlement 31/07/2005
Ngati Rangiteaorere Agreement 21/10/1993
Ngati Ruanui Deed of Settlement12/05/2001
Ngati Tama Deed of Settlement20/12/2001
Ngati Turangitukua Deed of Settlement26/09/1998
Ngati Tuwharetoa (Bay Of Plenty) Deed of Settlement6/06/2003
Ngati Whakaue Deed of Agreement 23/09/1993
Pouakani Deed of Settlement1/11/1999
Pukaahu (Awakeri Springs) Deed of Settlement 15/09/2004
Rangitaiki 60C Deed of Settlement 15/09/2004
Rotoma Deed of Agreement 6/10/1996
Te Arawa (Lakes) Deed of Settlement18/12/2004
Te Maunga Lands Deed of Agreement 2/10/1996
Te Roroa Deed of Settlement17/12/2005
Te Uri o Hau Deed of Settlement13/12/2000
Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Settlement23/09/1992
Waikato River Deed of Settlement17/12/2009 
Waikato-Tainui Deed of Settlement 22/05/1995
Waimakuku Deed of Agreement20/12/1995
Waiohau Deed of Settlement1/12/2004
Waitomo Deed of Settlement11/03/1996

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