Exploration Agreement (Native Title Act)
Exploration Agreements are made under the future act provisions of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (not including Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs)). South Australia has its own provisions which comply with the regulations under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) for separate state regimes.
NT Oil Ltd: EP 127 and 128 Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)15/04/2008 
South-West Queensland Cooper Basin Exploration Agreement (Native Title Act) June 20051/06/2005
Native Title Petroleum Agreement between the Northern Land Council and Sweetpea Corporation1/01/2003
Native Title Petroleum Agreement between the Northern Land Council and Pardi Pty Ltd1/01/2003
Cooper Basin Access Agreements1/10/2001
Model Exploration & Mining Agreement between Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Ltd, Local Aboriginal Groups and the Northern Land Council1/01/2001
Yamatji Land and Sea (Yamatji barna Baba Maaja) Agreement 1/01/2000
Wunara Exploration Deed1/01/2000
Guruma East Agreement1/01/2000
Thalanyji People Agreement1/01/2000
Kimberley Region Native Title and Heritage Protection Memorandum of Understanding23/06/1999
Nyamal People Agreement1/01/1999
Balangarra Agreement1/01/1999
Yamatji Land and Sea Council, Mt Candolle Agreement1/01/1999
South Australian Petroleum Exploration and Production Agreement6/04/1998
Dambimingari Agreement1/01/1998
Yulga Jinna Agreement1/01/1998
Pine Ridge & Mt Davies Agreements1/01/1998
Manna Hill Mining Company and the Kuyani/Adnyamathanha Peoples Agreement1/08/1997
Amity Oil Limited and the Nyoongar Community Agreement16/05/1997
Tjupan Ngalia Agreement4/03/1997
Snake Creek Deed for Exploration10/01/1997
Far West Coast (SA) Agreement1/01/1997
De Rose Hill Agreement1/01/1996
Hamersley Exploration Agreements1/01/1996
Wellington Agreement1/01/1995
Walgundu Exploration Agreement1/01/1995
White Lakes (Martu People) Agreement

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