No Liability Company
The activities of a no liability company must be confined to mining. No liability companies are public companies that have no statutory or contractual right to recover unpaid calls on partly paid shares. Such companies have ‘No Liability’ or ‘NL’ in their name.
Stuart Petroleum NL
Tanami Gold NL
Zapopan NL
Striker Resources NL
Pan Australian Resources NL
Minotaur Gold NL
Croesus Mining NL
Ross Mining NL
Union Mining NL
Adelong Consolidated Gold Mines NL
Tanami Exploration NL
AuDAX Resources Ltd
Yuendumu Mining Company NL
Mount Burgess Mining NL
Glengarry Mining NL and Glengarry Resources NL
BTC Employment Services and Training
Beach Petroleum Limited
Blina Minerals NL
Kimberley Diamond Company NL
Termite Resources NL
Renison Consolidated Mines NL
Petrocarb Exploration NL
Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation Ltd
Lachlan Zinc NL
Strike Oil NL
Malachite Resources NL
Exco Resources NL
Otter Gold NL
Tawana Resources NL
ABM Resources NL
Apex Minerals

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