Territory Government
The government of a Territory of Australia. The Northern Territory of Australia was established under the Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978, a Commonwealth Government Act of Parliament, while the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government was established in 1989.
Centre for Indigenous Natural and Cultural Resource Management, Northern Territory University1/01/1997
Department of Transport and Works (NT)
Australian Capital Territory
Alice Springs Hospital
Department of Urban Services (ACT)
Northern Territory of Australia
Office of Indigenous Policy
Mungkarta School
Fisheries Division of the Northern Territory Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development
Department of Community Development, Sport and Cultural Affairs (NT)
Department of Employment, Education and Training (NT)
Department of Planning and Infrastructure (NT)
Peabody West Burton Pty Ltd
Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development (NT)
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (NT)
Department of Housing (NT)
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment (NT)
Department of Local Government, Housing and Sport (NT)
Charles Darwin University
Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources (NT)
Nyirranggulung Mardrulk Ngadberre Regional Council
Department of Health and Community Services (NT)
Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development (NT)

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