Treaty (Canada)
Historical treaties in the Canadian context were first signed between the British Crown and First Nations. They impose a range of mutual obligations on signatory parties. Modern treaties take the form of land claims settlements which are constitutionally protected.
Lheidli T'enneh Final Agreement 29/10/2006
Manitoulin Treaty of 18361/08/1836
Manitoulin Treaty of 18626/10/1862
Memorandum of Agreement by 'Half-Breeds' of Rainy River
Robinson Treaties7/09/1850
Treaty 111/06/1921
Treaty 1 & 2 3/08/1871
Treaty 10 1/08/1906
Treaty 3 3/10/1873
Treaty 520/09/1875
Treaty 623/08/1876
Treaty 7 22/09/1877
Treaty 9 1/06/1905
Treaty No 81/06/1899

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