Management / Administration
Management/Administrative agreements cover management and administrative schemes or programs either for, or run by, Indigenous people or organisations. Does not include agreements that merely contain a clause for the management or administration of that agreement.
Mayala Country Marine Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)9/06/2021 
Akwerrperl Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC24/08/2112
Alice Springs Town Camp Agreement
Alpurrurulam Land Aboriginal Corporation
Ammaroo Pty Ltd
Andrew (Smokey) Anderson on his own behalf and on behalf of the Gudjala People QUD80/05 and Gudjala People #2 QUD147/06 
Anglo Platinum, Anooraq Resources Corporation and Mvelaphanda Resources Ltd Black Economic Empowerment Transaction
APY Lands Regional Partnership Agreement  
Arabana Parks Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 4/12/2012
Atambaya Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTB16/09/2022
Atomic Energy (Control of Materials) Act 1946 (Cth)
Auburn Hawkwood People Corporation RNTBC
Ayapathu Aboriginal Corporation25/05/2022
BAC KSCS Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)19/05/2017 
Badu Torres Strait Social Housing Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)14/05/2015  
Bagot 'Community Development' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) 8/08/2005
Balnggarrawarra (Gaarraay) Land Trust
Bar Barrum #2-#7 and Tablelands Regional Council Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 21/09/2012 
Bardi and Jawi Niimidiman Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC26/11/2007
Bardi Jawi Conservation Estate Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)9/06/2021 
Bathurst Heads (Wongai) Mine Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 26/02/2013 
BGP Tenure Holdings Pty Ltd4/03/2008
Bigambul Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
Bulganunna Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC6/08/2012
Bundjalung of Byron Bay (Arakwal) Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management Inc
Buthera Agreement16/02/2018 
Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC15/08/2008
Central Darling Shire Council
Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Choorechillum (Ngadjon Jii PBC) Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC5/12/2008
Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 (Qld)
Combined Mandingalbay Yidinji Gunggandji People and Ergon Energy Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 28/06/2012
Combined Mandingalbay Yidinji Gunggandji Yarrabah Local Government Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 12/09/2011 
Combined Mandingalbay Yidinji Gunggandji Yarrabah Towers Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 2/09/2011  
Combined Mandingalbay Yidinji-Gunggandji People and Wanyurr Majay People Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 28/06/2012 
Crown Lands Act (NT)
Dambimangari Country Marine Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)9/06/2021 
Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd
Deline Self-Government Agreement-in-Principle for the Sahtu Dene and Metis of Deline 200323/08/2003
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (WA)
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) (Cth)
Dieri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC2/05/2012
Dja Dja Wurrung People and Ironbark Mining Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)22/02/2013 
Djungan People and Ergon Energy Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)4/07/2012 
Eastern Kuku Yalanji, the State of Queensland & Wet Tropics Management Authority - National Parks Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 19/10/2007 
Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/07/2011 
Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park - Heavitree Range Extension Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)23/06/2005 
Empowered Communities
Ergon Energy and Tableland Yidinji People Indigneous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)13/12/2012
Errk Oykangand National Park (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land) Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 23/10/2009 
Esperance Tjaltrjraak Native tItle Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC23/03/2015
Ewamian Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 15/07/2014  
Far West Coast Parks Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)22/04/2014 
Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth)9/12/1976
First Nations Legal and Research Services (FNLRS)12/08/2003
Flinders Ranges National Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)6/10/2011
Gawler Ranges National Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 15/06/2012 
Giniyjawarrni Yoowaniya Riwi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC22/11/2019
Gogolanyngor Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC12/11/2018
Gooniyandi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC17/04/2013
Goorring Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/03/2020
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Gudang Yadhaykenu Native Title Aboriginal Corporation21/07/2022
Gudjala Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 5/08/2014 
Gugu Badhun People and Australian Wildlife Conservancy Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 24/01/2013 
Gugu Badhun People and Ergon Energy Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 24/01/2013 
Gulngay Kinjufile Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC19/03/2018
Gumbaynggirr Wenonah Head Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC8/05/2010 
Gunggandji PBC Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC22/07/2022
Gunggandji-Mandingalbay Yidinji Peoples PBC Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC22/03/2013
Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC17/05/2013
Guwa-Koa Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC29/04/2020
Hopevale Congress Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC30/08/2001
Ilkewartn Ywel Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC26/07/2006
Ilperrelhelam Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
Indigenous Small Business Fund (ISBF)
Ingkekure Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC17/05/2019
Innisfail 'Dugulburra Ecological and Environmental Services Project' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) 10/10/2007
Irrwanyere Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC9/02/1990
Iytwelepwenty Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC26/07/2006
Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC5/10/2007
Jangga People/Clermont Group Quarry Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 9/12/2013 
Jaru Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC7/06/2021
Jinibara People Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)1/03/2013 
Jinparrak Aboriginal Corporation20/07/2016
Joint Bar-Barrum Jirrbal Herberton Project Indigneous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)28/07/2008
Joombarn-buru Aboriginal Corporation9/09/2121
Jurruru Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC17/06/2015
Juru (Cape Upstart) People Protected Area Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 12/12/2012 
Kaapay Kuuyun Aboriginal Corporation7/10/2121
Kalinga Mulkay Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 26/05/2010 
Kalkadoon Constitution Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)
Kalumburu 'Governance Training' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)1/01/2005
Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC22/05/2001
Karrkad Kanjdji Trust1/04/2010
Kaytetye Alyawarr Awenyerraperte Ingkerr-wenh Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC23/12/2011
Kultju Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
Kulyakartu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC27/09/2017
Kuruma Marthudunera and Yaburara and Coastal Mardudhunera Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 4/07/2014  
Kwanlin Dun First Nation Final Agreement 19/02/2005
Kwaty Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC31/05/2016
Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement-in-Principle 200125/06/2001
Lake Gairdner National Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)13/04/2012
Lama Lama Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC25/05/2022
Land Administration Act (South West Native Title Settlement) Act 2016 (WA)6/06/2016
Malu Ki'ai (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation RNTBC7/01/2002
Malu Lamar (Torres Strait Islander) Corporation RNTBC15/05/2010
Mamu Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)23/04/2014 
Maori Trust Boards Act 1955
McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust Agreement 4/07/2007
Memorandum of Intent on Devolution and Resources Revenue Sharing 200122/05/2001
Memorandum of Understanding between Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations and Murray-Darling Basin Commission23/03/2006 
Memorandum of Understanding between National Australia Bank and the Northern Land Council17/08/2011
Mer Gedkem Le (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation RNTBC4/08/2001
Mer Reserve Transfer Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)20/02/2013 
Metis Nation Accord 1992
Mimili 'Youth Recreation Activities - Mimili Horse Program' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)23/10/2007
Mining (Gove Peninsula Nabalco Agreement) Act 1968 (Cth)
Minister administering the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (NSW)
Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation for the State of South Australia
Mitata Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC14/06/2012
Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC23/09/2015
Mokwiri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC29/02/2016
Mpwerempwer Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC23/12/2009
Mt Denison Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC1/05/2012
Mt Elsie Holding Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 7/09/2012 
Mulligan River Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC2/02/2021
Munga-Thirri National Park Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 18/12/2015 
Murdi Paaki Region 'Partnerships' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)1/01/2005
Murdi Paaki Region 'Regional Assembly' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)1/01/2005
Murdi Paaki Regional Council 'Engaging with Governments - Secretariat Support' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)1/01/2005
Nanda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC 12/07/2018
Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation1/09/2001
Neporendi Aboriginal Forum Inc 'Financial Literacy for Indigenous Families' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) 26/05/2006
Newman/Parnpajinya, Jigalong, Parnngurr, Irrungadji, Punmu and Kunawarritji 'Martumili Artists' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)8/06/2006
Ngaanyatjarra Municipal Services Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)1/01/2005
Ngaanyatjarra Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA)12/08/2005
Ngai Tâmanuhiri Initialled Deed of Settlement 16/12/2010
Ngarla PBC KSCS Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)17/07/2014  
Ngarrawanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC14/04/2022
Ngullingah Jugun (Our Country) Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC26/07/2017
Ngurra Kayanta Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC20/03/2017
Nimanburr Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC13/11/2018
Ningaloo Conservation Estate Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)1/10/2020 
Nisga'a Nation Fiscal Financing Agreement1/01/2000
Nisga'a Nation Own Source Revenue Agreement1/01/2000
Nisga'a Nation Taxation Agreement1/01/2000
Northampton 'Keeping on Track' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)28/05/2007
Northern Cape York Group #1 State Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)17/10/2014  
Northern Kaanju Aboriginal Corporation 25/05/2022
Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act 2007 (Cth)18/08/2007
Northwest Territories Lands and Resources Devolution Framework Agreement 200418/03/2004
Nyul Nyul PBC Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC26/11/2018
Office of Indigenous Policy
Ooratippra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC4/05/2000
Palyku-Jartayi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC24/01/2020
Parks and Reserves (Framework for the Future) Act 2003 (NT)
Parna Ngururrpa (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC18/09/2009
'Pathways to Community Control' Co-operative Framework11/11/2009
Pilbara Ports Authority1/07/2014
Pine Hill West Aboriginal Corporatioin RNTBC24/04/2018
PKKP Aboriginal Corporation27/10/2016
Pmarra Tjurritja Alturla Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC5/07/2012
Port of Abbot Point and Abbot Point State Development Area Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 21/11/2011 
Rapi (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC22/08/2018
Real Property Act 1886 (SA)
River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC6/01/2011
Rodinga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC6/06/2017
Royal Bafokeng Nation and Impala Platinum Joint Venture Agreement
RTIO and Ngarlawangga People Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 17/08/2012  
Saibai Mura Buway (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation RNTBC6/06/1997
Sandstone East Land Transfer Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)23/09/2016 
Sandstone Western Land Transfer Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)21/02/2018 
Seven National Parks Bama-Bi Bubu Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)6/06/2014  
Simpson's Gap National Park Extension Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)23/06/2005 
Southern Kaantju Aboriginal Corporation25/05/2022
Steering Committee for the Development of a Victorian Native Title Settlement Framework18/03/2008
Tallaringa Conservation Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 23/01/2012 
Tarlka Matuwa Piarku Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC21/11/2014
Terrain Natural Resource Management
The Arabana Native Title Claim Settlement Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)4/12/2012
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority
The Northern Territory Emergency Response17/08/2007
Thingalkal (Mary Valley) Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)13/08/2014  
Thylungra Cattle Co Pty as Trustee for Thylungra Trust
Tiyatiya Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC6/09/2016
Transport Operations (Marine Pollution) Act 1995 (Qld)
Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 (Qld)
Twenga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC7/05/2016
Tyatyekwenhe Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC8/06/2013
Umbrella Final Agreement between the Government of Canada, The Council for Yukon Indians and the Government of the Yukon29/05/1993
Uutaalnganu Aboriginal Corporation7/10/2021
Waanyi Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC16/09/2010
Waarnthuurr-iin Aboriginal Corporation13/11/2015
Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC13/09/2008
Wadjanbarra Tableland Yidinji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC30/08/2008
Waikato River Deed of Settlement17/12/2009 
Waitomo Deed of Settlement11/03/1996
Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC1/09/2003
Wakamurru (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC28/06/2018
Wakeyama (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation RNTBC1/08/2005
Wala Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC18/03/2013
Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC8/04/2014
Walka Wani Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/11/2011
Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC28/08/1998
Wangaan (Southern) Gumbaynggirr Nation Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC14/08/2014
Wangkangurru Yarluyandi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/09/2014
Wangkangurru Yarluyandi Parks Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)13/01/2015  
Wanjina-Wanggurr (Native Title) Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC17/09/2006
Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC7/11/2006
Wanyurr Majay Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/01/2006
Wardingarri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC22/10/2015
Warga Badda Nywaigi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC14/08/2017
Warlmanpa Warumungu Aboriginal Corporation10/08/2018
Warraberalgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation RNTBC2/06/2000
Warrgamay Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation23/06/2021
Warrungu People #2 and Tablelands Regional Council Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 24/01/2013 
West Inala Panthers 'Pride of Place' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) 18/05/2007
Westbank First Nation Self-Government Agreement 20033/10/2003
Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation (Jamukurnu-Yapalikunu) RNTBC17/04/2003
Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC30/12/1998
Widi Aboriginal Corporation 24/09/2018
Wintawari Guruma Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC8/02/2007
Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/07/2018
Witjira National Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)25/03/2008
Woodgoomungooh Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC3/04/2019
World Smart Retail
Wulli Wulli Nation Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC24/07/2015
Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation 
Wura Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC14/02/2019
Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC9/12/2008
Wuthathi People #2 and Cook Shire Council Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)19/08/2015  
Wutunugurra (Epenarra) Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
Xstrata Alloys and Bakwena Ba Mogopa Community Joint Venture Agreement 8/01/2007
Yaegl Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC24/06/2015
Yamatji Nation Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)30/07/2020 
Yandruwandha/ Yawarrawarrka Traditional Land Owners (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC2/08/2001
Yankanjini Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC20/07/2012
Yankunytjara Mtutjara Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC12/12/2014
Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC5/11/2010
Yarnangu Ngaanyatjarraku Parna Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC9/01/2005
Yarrabah Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement4/10/2011 
Yarrabah Towers Indigenous Land Use Agreement4/10/2011 
Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC13/02/2008
Yilka Talintji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC10/06/2016
Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC30/03/2004
Yindjibarndi Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC11/10/2017
Yinggarda Aboriginal Corporation22/11/2019
Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC29/01/2013
Yinhawangka People
Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Agreement 29/10/2010
Yuku-Baja-Muliku Landowner and Reserves Ltd
Yulluna Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title Body Corporate RNTBC8/09/2008 
Yungngora Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC30/07/2008
Yurriyangem Taam Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC26/07/2021
Yuwaalaraay/Euahlayi Aboriginal Corporation
Yuwi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC20/04/2017

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