ATNS Database Survey

The ATNS Research Team is currently conducting an evaluation of the ATNS Database. The purpose of this evaluation is to identify what is most useful about the Database and whether international information on agreements and agreement making processes would be of benefit to users. Your participation in this evaluation would be most appreciated.

1. Do you find the Database useful and effective?
2. Is the Database information clear and comprehensive?
3. What have you primarily accessed the Database for?
4. What improvements to the Database would you recommend?
5. Would you consider more global information about agreements valuable?
6. Do you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
7. Do you have an affiliation with an institution? For example, an Aboriginal Corporation, Government Department or Academic Institution? If yes, please state:
8. Would you be prepared to provide some further feedback during a brief telephone interview with ATNS Research staff? If yes, please provide your contact details:
Please enter the above code into this cell (case sensitive):

Information from the surveys will only be used for the purposes of providing information to those who are developing the database.