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Heads of Agreement between the Jawoyn Association and The Fred Hollows Foundation

Category: Agreement
Date: 2 May 2000
Sub Category:Framework Agreement
Place:East of Katherine
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Collaboration / Partnership | Health and Community Services
Summary Information:
The Heads of Agreement between the Jawoyn Association and The Fred Hollows Foundation ('the Agreement') was signed in Darwin on 2 May 2000.

The Jawoyn Association sought the partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation in order 'to explore ways to develop a wide-ranging and sustainable health strategy for the people and communities' in the region east of Katherine.

In particular, the partnership has aimed to develop a nutrition strategy to improve the health of Indigenous people in the region (The Fred Hollows Foundation 2000). This initially involved focusing on ways to improve access to fresh, affordable, healthy food, as well as addressing structural barriers to good health (including the lack of financial and banking services in remote communities, and the need for review of store nutrition policies) (see The Fred Hollows Foundation c2008; 2000).
Since signing the Agreement, the parties have worked together 'on a range of interconnected and practical programs, which are designed to tackle the underlying causes of ill health and disadvantage faced by many Indigenous people' (The Fred Hollows Foundation c2008).

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